Took DH granite shopping, think we decided!

williamsemOctober 28, 2012

So I took DH to the 4 local granite yards I found, he was in a rare shopping mood so I seized what might be my one and only chance to get some granie opinions out of him.

Some may remember the Earth Glitter I loved:

DH liked it, but wasn't as thrilled as I was. Of all things, this guy that wanted almost black loved an Alaskan White slab! Too light for me. He also loved a blue stone, which I didn't like.

Then we found this:

I think we have a winner! The only drawback is this is not the place that does electronic tempting. But them seem pretty good. I will have to go back with some door samples and a deposit next weekend. Love it!

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That is one beautiful piece of stone! Glad you were able to get your DH into shopping mode - usually they like to hunt, bag the game, and go home. (Go to the store, pick it out, go home - all done:-)

I was trying to see if you were "licking" the stone? (I am sure you have seen the licking posts - not that anyone really licks it - but the concept...)

So when does it move into its new home?


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Gorgeous - what is the name of the stone?

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Thanks A2gemini! Like I said, it could well have been my one and only chance, he hates shopping. I am very familiar with the bag and run routine! Haven't "licked" it yet, but I will when I go back for the deposit. I'm actually feeling for cracks in one and admiring the straight cut edge without chips in the other. Apparently it is not one to flake or chip during fabrication, which was a question I consistently asked just so I knew what I was in for.

Assuming she's still there this weekend to reserve, she moves in probably the end of May 2013! The project starts early in May, and once the lowers are in and ready for template it's 2-3 weeks to install. And no seams needed!

Mjocean, it's called Rocky Mountain. And much to my surprise it's not a premium stone, and I'm told it's not prone to flaking or pitting. Every other stone I liked, and I mean ALL of them, were always in the top two pricing tiers. I was pleasantly surprised with this one, and I love it!

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beautiful...i love it!!!

its going to look fab in your kitchen!!!!

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It's great that you found one that you both liked AND not in the top pricing tier.
I didn't take my DH shopping...I went to a granite yard even though I knew I would get Soapstone. I enquired about Ceasarstone and no one would give me an accurate price(per sq ft), even though I knew I would get Soapstone. The stone yard I was originally going to use ran into $$$ trouble and was not getting shipments in...I waited and waited then found another authorized dealer and finally got the Soapstone. DH & I discussed the price which he was concerned about, even so I knew I would get Soapstone.(I bought a really nice used fridge $700 instead of F&P fridge @$2K and kept mr.magic chef so I wouldn't feel as bad about spending so much)
DH LOVES IT and comments all the time about how nice it looks. And as you know miss puss likes to slide across it on a pizza stone.

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Beautiful, love the patterns and it's just gorgeous. Good job! It's hard picking out granite! That is one that I haven't seen before and it's gorgeous.

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that is beautiful stone! get back there asap and put your name all over the back of it / them. I'd tape a cardboard piece (temporarily) with my name on it and then take another pic of it/them. Let them know you want no 'missing' slabs down the road.

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desertsteph - sounds like a voice of experience.

Wiilliamsem - Go lick it!!!!!

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Eatrealfood, I chuckle every time I think of your cat riding the pizza stone! Of course it's only funny because the kitty is ok. I tried to explain at work, but my story telling abilities are lacking and I sound even crazier trying to explain. I'm better off just quietly chuckling to myself.

Desertsteph, I'm not familiar with what I assume was a saga with your counter, but I will assume whatever it was I want to avoid a similar situation! Many pics will be taken :-)

A2gemini, I should be able to get back there Thursday. There will definitely be licking! I'll be on my own that day, so pics of the licking may be hard.

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What a beautiful granite! What makes it even nicer is the fact that it wasn't one of the more expensive ones. We just did a reno and when we looked at granite we would not let ourselves look at anything above level 2 since we are not planning on staying in the house more than 7 years. We found Peacock green and we both loved it. So, congrats on your stone.

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Love the stone, but back to your comment on they don't use "electronic" templating: what do they do? So many people have had issues, especially those whose fabricators jot some numbers on the back of a napkin and call it good - not literally, but pretty close. That you won't need seams is a huge bonus when you have a stone with this much movement! Still you should ask what their tolerances are, meaning how close to the wall do they come, even on wavy walls. Best I can tell all walls are a bit wavy even in a new build. The standard set by the Marble Institute of America is 1/8" plus or minus 1/16", which translates to a gap of 1/16-3/16" at any given point along the wall or cabinet next to the slab. Do ask, you just don't want to be the person who posts photos of the Grand Canyon along the wall and whose backsplash plans are totally derailed by a gap that the chosen tile can't span.

Here is a link that might be useful: Marble Institute of America

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Thanks, Suzannesl! I was wondering what is considered acceptable. They make luan (sp?) templates to use. The lady that showed us around and told us as bout the stones said that's what the templates are made of, and said something about lasers only measuring straight lines from point to point but this way was more accurate? I have to ask more questions, that doesn't sound right and probably just didn't register at the time.

Now that we know we want that stone, I need to ask many more questions. They had a decent stack of remnants, so they must have a decent volume, but I could not find any online reviews.

Does anyone know if it's common to find a stone at one place that's a supplier/fabricator and have it brought to another place for fabrication? The digital place does about 900 kitchens a year and has been very helpful. All their stones are marked w ith pricing, and they have been very patient with us. Just not sure that a common or acceptable practice, or even if places usually refuse to do that.

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We were interested in a stone from a stone-only place and asked the supplier/fabricator if they would cut it. No, for various good reasons. I don't know about the other way around, but you could ask.

We ended up with a stone we love from the supplier/fabricator who uses a laser scan system to template. Your lady was incorrect about only measuring straight lines from point to point. This wall has a little dipsy-doodle between studs and here is how it came out:

Which is good because that is where the peninsula meets the wall and there was never any tile planed for that wall. All our walls look like that.

As far as a luan template goes, they are as good as the templater. Luan is kind of like really thin plywood, cheap, and easy to work with. If your luan pieces are cut to follow the actual contours of your wall (vs. a straight line which may or may not match well), it should be great. The experience and the fastidiousness of the templater will be key. It would be perfectly reasonable for you to ask to see work done by the particular fabricator who would be assigned to your job - they may have more than one. Considering how long it took you to find this unusual stone that you really like and the cost, you have nothing to apologize for in being picky about quality of fabrication.

Here is a link that might be useful: Laser fabrication explanation

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Tomorrow is Thursday!!

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I think in a previous post you said you were from upstate NY. I am also from the Albany area. Just wondered what granite fabricator you are considering? Have you checked out Empire State Stone on North Pearl in Albany. If not you should they do amazing work. Amanda is the owner. We are very happy with our kitchen. By the way that is a great looking stone.

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THURSDAY!! Must admit, took me a minute, thought for a second something happened with your drawer situation and you lost it! I will be headed up there realistically around 10, will report back! Can you tell I'm excited, using my full exclamation point allotment today.

Thanks again for some great info, Suzannesl. It's a really small shop, I think they only have one, maybe two, guys that would be doing that. Will definitely ask! They may even have one from a recent job they can show me if I'm lucky. Sooooo glad to hear it should be fine if done right. I must say, that is one impressive install you have there!

Rikerk, thanks for the tip! I am from just north of Albany, good memory. I did stop at Empire State Stone, they were actually my first stop! They were great. I love the stone they have on the great big island with really dark wood that they just put in the showroom. Unfortunately nothing there really grabbed me, and DH didn't even like the beautiful island. They do have a ton of remnants though, and I plan to go back when we are looking for some small projects. I really liked the people at granite and marble works at exit 16 on the Northway. They are also the ones with the laser tempting and laser cutting. This stone we love is at Capital Stone in Saratoga. Any experience with them?

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No my only experience is with Empire State Stone. We originally remodeled our kitchen in 2007 and they were recommended by the kitchen designer. Then my daughter flooded the bathroom above the kitchen which led to some kitchen damage we removed a wall and made the kitchen bigger. We stuck with Empire State because we were happy & were able to match the existing stone. Did you actually go out into there granite yard? I have not been back in there since last fall. My husband will kill me if I go back there and spend anymore money! Are you near Saratoga? I am in Latham!

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Howdy, neighbor! I'm in Halfmoon (technically Waterford, but just off Route 9 so it feels like Halfmoon). I did look in the yard. Some beautiful stone, but none that really said "imagine me in the kitchen!". One larger remnant caught my eye, maybe when we put some built in type cabinets and window seat in the great room it will work out. They offered to bring in anything I found at a supplier online, but I don't want to get into having stone shipped that I might not like, not for just 30 sf of stone.

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Well good luck with Capital Stone & let me know how it works out because I want to do my master bath within the next year. If they have a great stone selection & you are happy I may check them out. When I originally redid the kitchen in 2007 it was pre-gardenweb. I was simply happy to be getting a new kitchen. Who knew all of this amazing stuff.

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We got our stone from one place (Greater Marble and Granite in Lowell), who are just suppliers, not fabricators, and had our fabricator (Cumar in Everett) get it from them. They used what I think is probably luan for the template, but the two places in particular where the counter met the wall and didn't have a backsplash, our project manager had us put "scribe" in the work order. This, I gather, meant matching the stone exactly to the not-100%-flat wall, on site. As far as I can see, this worked perfectly.

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It's official, deposit made!! Got some samples too.

Pics of the actual slab (others were a remnant from the same lot) to come, need to figure out how to off load them from the camera.

Plus I have pics with the sample cabinet colors I like, and the cork samples. Time to really get things moving! Will start a new thread with request for input in color selections.

Drbeanie, thanks for the info. I have the name of their template guy to call, he wasn't there when I was. There was a different lady there today. She says the template guy is really good, and they do a lot of kitchens, fireplaces, and baths.

I have chosen a 3/8 inch pencil edge for the moment. We want something simple, but also rounded enough to maybe not chip so easily. Good choice? I can still change...

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...and now DH isnt sure the stained wood will look right. He's the one who ruled out painted cabs from the start! Frustrating, but at least he's engaging, and we have plenty of time still. Pics might be delayed a bit for colors so we can take some with painted doors.

I feel so much better, even though we just have an almost final layout and our granite. When the quotes come back and I have a better idea of budget things should fall into place (I hope).

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