Disappointed in my Rohl 3018 Sink -Repair?

purplewmnOctober 14, 2007

I am very disappointed in my Rohl sink Model #3018. I paid $900 for it, thinking it would be almost industructible.

It is only been in use for 4 months. I do have rubber matts in it. My husband dropped a bowl and it broke making the first scratch, which i guess i can understand. But we have just noticed another ding, no idea how this one happened.

I ordered the repair kit, has anyone used the kit? Is it successful? I am not sure whether to complain to the company or not. This is very disappointing, it is an undermount so would be hell getting it out to replace. I guess i just have to live with it and hope it doesn't get too bad over the years. Thanks

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I don't hae a Rohl but my sink is a fireclay by Herbeau. I, too, thought they were indestructible. I found out the same way as you that they sure aren't. Mine has been in about 3 years. I have a few hairline scratches along the top of the front rim and a nice chip right next to the drain where I see it every day. I'm very disappointed in that. Herbeau does not make a repair kit and mine is in ivory so I'm stuck.
However, I love the sink anyway. I don't miss seeing the black marks from pans and it is beyond easy to clean.

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If you do a search for Porcher, you'll find all my posts about my farm sink chipping woes. I'm replacing my lousy sink with the Shaw's b/c I've heard such good things about their durability.

A while back, I emailed a comapny that sells the Shaw's (can't remember who but I think it was one of the clawfoot tub companies). I asked how well the patch kits work, and they said they work "very well." I don't know though...How could a patch kit work all that well? But I'm sure I'll be getting the patch kit anyway.

Call Rohl and ask them how well it works. And I'm curious to know how sympathetic they are about the chip.

It is frustrating that some of the companies (like Shaw's) market them as being lifetime sinks.

Good luck! I feel your pain!!

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Thanks for the info...

bayareafrancy....what a huge hassle.....it is very very frustrating when you spend good money and don't get quality these days. I was disappointed more than once. My kitchen designer had never installed one of these farmhouse sinks, it DID NOT GO WELL.....what does b/c mean? My sink is a Shaw Rohl 3018 so hoping your not trading one problem sink for another. tHANKS

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b/c means "because." So yep, I'm trading for the 3018, same as you! As far as farm sinks go, I think the Shaw's is probably the most durable. I only heard of one other person on this forum who had any chips, and her Shaw's was 3 years old, and had received hard use (family of 6, I think).

Actually, I can live with chips on the bottom (I've got a vintage kitchen, so that will be ok). But my crummy Porcher sink started getting pits on the top front lip--right where it is most noticible. Then I just began to get scared about the overall quality of it (since it was chipping/pitting for no apparent reason).

My 3018 sink came, and has a defect in it. So now I have to exchange it for another one. What a huge, huge hassle!!

Keep us posted! I'm curious to know what Rohl's reply is.

Btw: what side is your drain on, if you are looking at the sink with the blue logo on the back wall? The spec sheet shows the drain on the left side. And when I called rohl, they told me left. But mine is on the right side. It doesn't matter, but it seemed odd.


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Yes, please keep us posted, and good luck! I have purchased my Rohl 3018, though I have yet to see it (demo on Monday!!!!). I actually had been hearing about the blue logo, but hadn't realized it was on the same sink I'm getting. It looks fairly small. Also, in a picture I saw of the Rohl online just now, the drain was off-set to the right (as you are facing the installed sink). Lastly, are you getting the grid, and do you know if they help?

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Hi all....my sink has the Shaw emblem on the front so you don't see it, as i wanted the drain on the right so i wouldn't have to do much replumbing. Plus i put in a nice sliding garbage can under the left side. One of the most important things (problem) about this sink is that it is sort of a one of a kind in that the dimensions are not "exactly" what you think they are. The thickness of the finish varies, etc. So.....they had to do ALOT of sanding on the sides of my cabinets to get it to fit into the space then the bottom was not even so it had to be shimmed up on one corner to get it to fit up under the corian counter. It has since settled and i have had to recaulk a couple times. My KD had never installed one (and probably doesn't ever want to again). They lifted it in and out 50 times, not easy when it weighs so much. We were worried about the weight vs the cabinet shelf it rested on so put a center post in the middle. He also put metal brackets under the shelf. As i stated before i do have plastic grid matts (Linen & Things)that have little nubbies to avoid sliding. I had to get a large one and a smaller one to cut down to fit the entire 30" sink. Trying to remember if we had it or not when he dropped the bowl for the 1st chip, for sure did since then and have found another little scratch/chip. We are wondering if the little nubbie on the matt - maybe dropping a pot or something did it, so now have the matt turned up the flat way. It wouldn't be so bad if it was 3 or 4 years old but only in use for 4 months is terribly disappointing, what will it look like in 3-4 years? I am going to contact Rohl, will let you know. I had my bathtub resurfaced, got chips and fixed those, the fix was OK right at first but then was noticible and eventually came off. So i need to be very careful to do it correctly. My other lovely experience was my brand new microwave also went out and had to be repaired, fortunately was under warranty. What's the chance of that????? Good luck everyone!

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Interesting. I found the sink at a appliance/plumbing supply place here in San Diego and they had one in the showroom. If I recall correctly, it was the 33 inch version. Unfortunately they didn't mention all of these issues with installing it. I wonder if I should warn my contractor or just let them figure it out (don't want to worry them unduly you know). Have other people had this issue with installation?

Good luck with the fix by the way. I hope Rohl is pleasant to work with and helps you out without too much drama.

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I don't know, you are probably right about not warning your installer. Who knows, maybe it will just slide right in. I hope so for your sake!
Rohl did respond, didn't really say too much, basically to follow the directions on the package on the repair kit. Didn't say anything about the quality/warranty part. They did say since it's fireclay even if there are dings, they won't rust which is a good thing.
Good luck and thanks for the respones, appreciate it.

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Any updates here?

Has anyone attempted a repair with a patch kit?


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Ok--I just got a teeny bit of information myself...

My sink is being installed today. I've been agonizing over a tiny pit on the front surface (tiny--but definitely noticible--black in color). I could either have the pit show, or turn the sink around, and have the drain on the wrong side (and have to somehow extend the plumbing over to the drain). I just couldn't decide which option to choose (was leaning to extending the plumbing, against my husbands advice).

So I just called Rohl. The man I spoke with said the kit is easy to use, and the pit will look like new. No problems, no worries, he said.

*Whew* I hope he's right, b/c I've felt rather ill over this.

I forgot to ask him to send me a kit (since it should be covered under the warranty, as my sink arrived this way).

FYII here's the pit:


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Hey Francy!

Did you ever try the repair? How did it go? I just discovered today that I have a tiny ding in my 3018! This apparently is a new development because my sink has been in perfect condition since it was installed nearly a year ago. I'm guessing that, at some point, I must have hit the rim with a heavy pot or something and didn't immediately notice the ding. Who knows? Point is -- can it be fixed? Would love to know how you (or any of others of you) have lucked out in trying to repair pits and dings in your Rohl fireclay sinks.


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Any one try the repair kit? If so, would it work to cover a hairline crack? The crack looks like it is only on the surface but I am afraid it will get worse.

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