What color cabinets to go with Juparana Colombo Gold

bbstxOctober 2, 2013

In my new kitchen, I had planned to have greige cabinets and some sort of white countertops. Went to the stoneyard today looking for granite. Found some whites that were ok, but I found this Juparana Colombo Gold and fell in love with it! Does anyone have any suggestions for cabinet colors?

Obviously, the star of the show will be the granite.

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I think a warm cream color or perhaps cinnamon picking up those hints of dark golden brown. Very pretty slab!

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One of the standard colors my cabinets come in is "vanilla bean." It is a what I would call a warm cream. I thought it would look good with it but DH didn't like it so much. He thought perhaps a dark wood color would work better.

I've looked through the FKB looking for this granite, and searched Google images and I can't find it. Is it just too much pattern for most folks to use?

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While suggestions can be made as to which cabinet colors will work with that slab it is at points like this in the design process where taking a step back and looking at the space as a whole is an effective strategy. Sometimes when individuals have a strong reaction towards a single item it clouds their judgement as to whether or not the item will work in their space or help achieve the goal of realizing the total vision for a given space. It is as if the love for the individual item supersedes the goal of achieving a cohesive space when all is said and done.

Well thought out and effective design is a process that accounts for all aspects of a space. Several threads on GW with headings such as "Design Around This" can provide cliff notes for the process. If you can't find one please feel free to let me know and we will work through the process. Picking random items by themselves can be a recipe for a catastrophe. There have been countless frantic threads on GW written by well intentioned people whose kitchen elements simply did not work together.

The slab is beautiful and everybody deserves to have certain items in their space that they shouldn't have to compromise on. After all this is your kitchen. It is important to take a close look at whether or not this slab will help you to realize your overall vision for the space.

Good luck

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Good "food for thought," SaltLife631. I've thought about whether or not it will work with the rest of the house. I believe it will. Nevertheless, I'll look up the recommended threads and give it some more contemplation.

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I threw together some possibilities (cabs, floor, backsplash).

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Wow! Thanks, cawaps. Our floors are going to be hardwood about the color of the cabinets in the first picture. If I go with this granite, which will be an upgrade, I'll probably try to stick with the standard color cabinets. My choices will be a very pale cream (Vanilla Bean), a yellow-er cream (Palamino), and then assorted natural wood stains on maple (cherry, walnut, maple, ebony).

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I have seen that granite with dark cabinets and it's really pretty. I have natural maple cabinets with no stain and it would probably look nice with them as well.

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I try to rework the pics later. Do you have pics of the cabinet colors? Or can you tell me the manufacturer?

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cawaps, the cabinets are custom. The paint they use is Sherwin Williams. Thanks for the help.

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I love Cawaps second pic with the white cabs and gray floors/BS...but now I am thrown off since your hardwood is the Cinnamon color I suggested earlier. Cinnamon cabs could still look good, but you wont have contrast between cabs and floor. I think there is too much pink/peach in the slab for natural maple cabs. Gray cabinets could look very nice and would be different.

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My feeble attempt to put together a kitchen idea board. The cabinets are NOT "aged." That is just an issue with the opacity of the website I used.

Critique with abandon, please! (ok, I know the verb is "criticize" not "critique" but you get the idea)

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I think it all looks good besides the backsplash. I wouldn't go with that back splash. I would either go with a cream color to make the cabinets, or a gray. Between the granite and the floors you have a lot of colors going on. You don't want to introduce more color in your backsplash.

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tt, I agree. My olioboard.com skills are rudimentary at best. I was trying to use a picture that I thought was cream, but it does look quite mottled, doesn't it?

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Alternate color scheme: River White granite, gray cabinets, white subway tile with gray grout. Should I start a new thread so folks can vote on each color scheme?

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I like your first combination (Oct 3, 13 at 14:23) better than your 2nd (Oct 3, 13 at 15:57). The whites/grays in the 2nd seem to be all over the place and don't really go (although it is really hard to say for sure working from pics). I agree with teachertile about the backsplash, it doesn't quite go (too blotchy, as you noted).

Regarding the issues you had with the cabinet image: If you are using Olioboard and your image is rectangular, you can opt not to remove the background and just crop everything but the door out of the image.

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Juparana has a LOT of movement. Using a small tile backsplash is too much movement. It confuses the eye and doens't look good. If you use a larger tile, there will be less grout lines and less movement, therefore less confusion.

I Googled Juparana Colombo Gold and lots of images came up. Most of them had cinnamon colored cabinets. This stone looks absolutely fabulous with a full height backsplash!!

I like the gray cabinets with this stone. It picks up all the grays and makes it pop! But the gray floor washes the whole place out-too institutional in a cold heartless way. If you used the hardwood floor from the off white cabinets, it would warm up the grays. I love the off white with this stone as well, plus the hardwood flooring of your choice to warm up the entire room.

This is an Indian stone and when installed correctly, is absolutely fantastic. I don't know if you will need more than one slab, but if so, then make sure you get them side by side so the seams can be accurate. The movement must all go in the same direction. Make sure that when the template is done, you go to the fabricators and see how the layout is. If you don't like what you see, tell them then and there. Have them move it around to get what you want. If it is impossible, they should explain it to you and show you on the slab. Sometimes, there is a flaw that must be cut out, therefore you lose some of the workable slab. A good fabricator will take the time and when they are installed, you will see exactly what you paid for.

I look forward to seeing the finished product. This is not a stone that many people choose, but it is distinctive. I love it!

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About the first stone very pretty stone. I am not an expert, we just had an island put in with similar colors in the granite. I like dark or gray painted cabinets with it. And a cream colored backsplash.

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RoRo67, the floor is going to be hardwood the color of my Oct 3 post or possibly slightly darker.

You comment that this is an Indian stone. Are stones from India superior to others? Should I be on the hunt for stones from India?

The stoneyard closest to me is having a sale on Brazilian stone. Looked to me like everything they had from Brazil was on sale. I had to wonder why.

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