What color Silgranit sink with soapstone counters?

marcia59October 23, 2013

I'm going to use soapstone for the counters, most likely Kannada, which is dark and quiet, not much veining, at least not in the slabs I saw at Teixeira in NJ.

I'm also going to use a Silgranit sink. I'd been thinking anthracite, because I like it and because I like the idea of the sink disappearing against the counters instead of popping. But I just held the anthracite sample next to the Kannada sample and I'm dubious. Because the colors and patterns don't quite match, I think it looks like I tried to match and missed. Same with cinder and metallic grey. White and biscotti seem to work better because they don't have that near miss look to me, but it doesn't give me that disappearing act I really wanted.

Which silgranit color did you pair with soapstone and how do you like it?

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We have a custom soapstone sink (made of the same stone as the countertops).
Maybe that would work for you?

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Anthracite with Mariana Soapstone, pretty darn close, except for the veins...

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Were you planning to oil, or not? I would think it might influence your choice.

Anthracite with unoiled "smoke" soapstone:

(sorry-not the best sink pic)

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I'm planning to oil. In your pictures, I like anthracite with both the oiled and unoiled. Hmm, maybe I'll wait to see exactly what my actual slab looks like and talk about which part will be around the sink and then decide.

A soapstone sink would be lovely, but I'd rather spend the money on other things.

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Anthracite also. Very pleased the color of it with the soapstone.

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I chose Anthracite too. I will warn you if you have hard water, you may get some white deposits that can be annoying to clean. If your bathroom shower head is full of deposits, that would be a good indication.

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prospect.... I love your cabinets, counters and backsplash! We will very soon be picking cabinets for our new house and I'd like something like yours. What wood are they... cherry? We will have hickory floors throughout and we'd like something like what you have for our cabinets. Do you mind sharing the backsplash brand and paint color? It blends so well and it is just how I picture our new kitchen. Thanks.

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I think I'm going to go with the anthracite. Thank you all!

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