Wayfair--Fair? Or Unfair

sdionnemooreOctober 9, 2012

I processed an order for backsplash from Wayfair (via Walmart) only to find they didn't have the 3 boxes in stock. I thought, no problem, maybe the two they do have in stock will work. Within fifteen minutes I realized of placing the order and paying for it via Paypal I realized my mistake and requested a cancellation. Now Wayfair (via Walmart) is coming back and saying the product was already shipped and they'd be happy to split the cost of the shipping instead of sticking me with the whole amount. I'm ticked because I cancelled this order and even talked to one of their guys (Louis) about the cancellation and the return of another box (since there's not enough product). He assured me there'd be no problem even though he had no note of it in his system at that time.

I question how it is that Walmart can so quickly communicate an order and payment and Wayfair ship the product, but a cancellation done within 15 minutes of said order doesn't reach Wayfair in time? You can't convince me that's true. It would take a worker that much time to go to the warehouse and get the product, much less get it packaged to ship, the label printed, etc. . .


Here is a link that might be useful: Wayfair via Walmart

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I'm not sure either. Do you have any recourse through Paypal?

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I thought Paypal only handled disputes if the product wasn't received or wasn't as advertised, etc.

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I just ordered a lamp from Wayfair. PayPal notified me that they paid Wayfair at 3:13 PM. Tracking data from UPS notes
"Order Processed: Ready for UPS " at 4:26 PM. So it took over an hour between order placement and the order being "ready for shipment".

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Clearly there was time to solve the problem.

A lot of companies do this now. It's called "it's a lot easier for us if we don't let you change your order".

I bought ipad shuffles for my daughters, and within 10 minutes realized the engraving was wrong. No dice, it was "too late" to change my order.

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Do you all think I should push for them to eat the S&H since I did my part in canceling so quickly?

wobbly. were those timestamps on your email about shipping or the website?

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I would. They didn't ship it, so why should you pay for non-existent charges? I doubt they even moved it from the stockroom shelf.

I hadn't heard of this practice before. I would contact a consumer protection agency or the attorney general about it.

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UPS tracking data is linked to the Wayfair order details.
Paypal info was from my email account.

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Are you actually worrying about $8.80 in shipping costs? Is it really worth your time to make a big deal about this. While I understand the principal of the thing, some things are just not worth worrying about.

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