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rmiriamOctober 16, 2012

We are closing on a 1949 house in a few weeks, and I am starting to get my thoughts together on the kitchen layout, since it will obviously have to be done relatively soon (I'll get temp appliances for a bit). The space is about 10x10, and I'm currently thinking we won't change the footprint, although walls can be opened up.

This is the view from the door to the dining room. I am considering opening the wall on the right up to make a pass-through to the dining room and putting a 36" deep peninsula/buffet in, with drawers on the kitchen side and glass-front cabinets on the dining room side:

This is the view from the wall with the window. I think I will probably have to stay with the corner sink, but am thinking of a farmhouse sink.

Any thoughts? I need ideas on how to make this space as efficient as I can! I know that I want as many drawers as possible, and of course need to get a dishwasher in here somplace. I am open to shutting off/moving the window, but still don't think I could have cabinets on that wall without blocking the door to the family room that can be seen on the left-hand side of the first picture. I considered stealing some space from that room, but it would be kind of an awkward L-shape then, and not sure it would be an improvement.

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it's helpful to show more of the home's outline. I would want to open it up...[more than just a pass through]. Can't tell which way would be the smartest without more shown.

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I'll do my best! It's a small house, so a bit difficult to take pictures. The kitchen is essentially sandwiched between the dining room and the den. When you walk into the house, the dining room is on your right, with bedrooms and a small living room on your left. Here is the dining room:

Behind the blank wall in the dining room is the kitchen.

Then, on the other side of the kitchen, through the door and window seen here:

Is the den, which is an addition put on soon after the house was built. It will soon have wood floors and white walls like the rest of the house �� This is where I expect to have the kid play/watch TV. This view is from the door from the kitchen into the den. You can see the window into the kitchen on the left, and the door on the right-hand side of the picture is the laundry closet.

This is a picture from the other side of the den.

I should have mentioned - I am meeting with a KD in a few weeks when we close on the house, but wanted to get some ideas from the experts on here first, because I��ve seen what y��all have done with difficult kitchens in the past.

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The entire side devoted to kid's room doesn't afford you the chance to work with the kitchen.I wouldn't meet with a kitchen designer so soon[you don't actually need a designer in a 10 by10 footprint anyway.] The scrutiny of the side room with the home's important 2nd entrance and the laundry and some space adjacent to the kitchen at the back is the "potential" for a better design,thereby improving the home on the whole. I'd replace the 3 fixtures in the den to 3 matching "close to ceiling" mounted lights, get the range and fridge off Craig's list or scratch and dent and get the kitchen functioning-there is actually nothing you have to demolish or hammer away right now in the kitchen. It can all be charming and the value of the home increase if you pull in some sq footage from the back part of the side room....obviously a bumpout thru the back where the high narrow windows are will give more options,but not necessary at all. Things I don't see but options here:pantry/drop zone by back door/bigger laundry with half bath/sliding patio door to back/casual eating area combined with den....etc.

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