drawer height for warming drawer

shannonazOctober 24, 2012

I like to think that I am resourceful but I am having trouble with this very simple question! I have read specs galore and my brain is not figuring this out :) It seems pretty straight-forward: a 27" warming drawer goes in a 27" cabinet, a 30" warming drawer goes in a 30" cabinet. This is actually spelled out in some install instructions.

If I want a warming drawer in a drawer stack does it typically take up the space of a 9" drawer or a 12"? Or something else entirely? The KitchenAid I am looking at is 10 1/4 inches tall but the specs describe a 9" recessed height? So I am thinking the drawer stack would be 6,WD,12, right? What happens with the extra space if you have frameless cabs? I have read that it is really tough to make a warming drawer flush/inconspicuous with a custom panel...

Am I missing something?

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Hopefully, parts of my experience will help. I have a 30" KA KEW105 WD under my ovens. My cabs are framed, though.

My custom drawer front measures just less than 11.5" tall. I think the specs asked for something slightly larger. Since my decision to swap a regular drawer for a WD came after the whole oven cab had been built, I think (but dont quote me as my memory about this is fuzzy) my cab maker modified it slightly shorter so he could use the drawer opening I already had there without charging me to modify the cab.

Here's a pic. We have since replaced the panel seen here and installed a shaker drawer front that matches the rest of the kitchen.

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That does help, thank you! What is the round cut-out for?

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My cab maker hadn't ever paneled a WD before. He figured that I would want to work the control dial and see the light indicator from the outside with the drawer closed, but his tools wouldn't allow him to drill the larger control dial hole through the stile and panel as it was too thick. We thought it looked funny so we replaced it with a regular Shaker drawer front like the rest of the kitchen. Plus, I couldn't see the numbers on the dial with the drawer closed anyway so being able to turn the dial need was pointless. Now, we just open the drawer to use the dial. Because the indicator light is now covered, we have to be a bit careful to make sure we turn the drawer off when we're done. If its left on, we can't tell with the drawer closed. Hope that makes sense!

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Breezy, how do you like the WD at that height?

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