appliances, stainless or white?

PattyBellOctober 7, 2012

We are having issues with our stove, it's a white flat top slide in. All other appliances are also white. However since we will be replacing it we are considering switching over to stainless. Our dishwasher is the only appliance we love, and we can get a stainless replacement front panel for only $75, so that will save money and having to reinstall.

I know stainless is considered an upgrade, but I have also heard negatives, it marks very easily (fingerprints etc) and to get new, nice stainless range (esp a slide in) and nice fridge will cost a lot more than just getting a new white slide in range. But, if I am spending over $1000 on a stove, I somehow think it doesn't make sense to buy white.

Our kitchen was renovated 2 yrs ago, cabinets are med reddish wood with pewter modern style handles and counter is a black/brown granite, so part of me thinks we "should" have stainless to go with higher end look of ktichen, and resale (not that we are planning, but still a consideration).

With 3 teenagers in the house, I wonder if the "upgrade" is worth it ???

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yes, go stainless. you will love it and better for resale down the road. i went all stainless - no regrets.

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Put the resale consideration aside for a moment and just decide if that's what you want. Sure, they can look "streaky" and show fingerprints, but it's not a big deal to clean them (with the proper stainless spray and a cloth) From your description, it sounds like they would look great in your kitchen.

BTW, pay special attention if/when they are installed so you don't end up with any scratches or dents.

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I hear people say that stainless is a problem to maintain, but in my experience it is not. Easy to clean and we don't get streaks. Maybe it was an issue with early generation stainless appliances, but i don't think so these days.

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It depends on which finish of stainless. I don't find all of our Stainless steel appliances streak. The ones that work well are Kitchen Aid and Thermador. Our GE SS dishwasher does streak. So investigate.

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I agree with sedonamazer. I just bought a new stainless stove and it is a breeze to keep clean. The very old stainless fridge that we need to replace soon anyway is terrible to keep streaks off. It is the finish "technology" they use and it has gotten a lot better over the years.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I chose not to go with stainless as the look is too modern and cold for me. I went with black instead where I couldn't get door fronts that matched the cabinetry.

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I don't know when you think you might be selling, but stainless will not be the trendy thing forever and will eventually look dated, just as everything does, eventually. FWIW, I'm seeing murmurings here and there that we may be getting to the beginning of the end of SS. I forget which manufacturer just came out with a white finish, I think they call it arctic white, that they're hoping to push as the next thing. I'm not sure how it's different from any other white finish. Is it a metallic white, maybe?

My parents' house was built in about 1960 and I have vague memories of the stainless steel oven and cooktop. When they replaced it with white in the late 70's, the stainless looked incredibly old fashioned and dated and the white looked nice and modern.

NOTHING is in style forever.

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100% agree with Marcia59. Now that builders are installing stainless appliances and granite in relatively low-end houses, I think both those trends have crested. Not saying that those finishes will look outdated in a year, but I do think that stainless appliances and granite counters are no longer a foolproof approach to creating an upscale kitchen.

On the other hand, I have a stainless counter/sink and fridge, so what do I know. ;-)

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Just wanted to add that some KDs are now installing colored (not SS) appliances in high-end houses. I personally would go that route or move toward fully integrated.

Personally, I am tired of SS but I am not replacing all my SS appliances, just not adding any more. :-)

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I really like white appliances. I think even better than stainless, although I like stainless too. Really almost anything can be made to look great with the right design and thoughtful approach. Your kitchen does sound like a good stainless candidate. Maybe post a couple of pictures for us. You'll get lots of opinions and we'll actually be looking at the space.

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