Replacing double bowl sink with single in granite

chellamaralOctober 29, 2012

We purchased our newer home (built 2007)and trying to make the kitchen more functional. I've always wanted a farm sink with soapstone BUT this kitchen is too new to change out!Even a one-bowl sink would be a huge improvement! I hate our current sink! The garbage disposal is in the larger left bowl and we can't soak the cookware we commonly use due to the partition.

Thought that we would have to take out granite in order to change sink, but a carpenter friend took a look and said that it might be do-able if we found a one-bowl sink that would fit the current cut-out. Ya right....I can't even figure out the model sink we currently have!

WELL...I think I have found it! The overall width of the new Franke I found is the same, but the depth is a little wider. From reading other posts, this might be a good thing. It sounds like, if we could find a fabricator who could come out and tweek the opening, it might work! My partner doesn't think it's worth the trouble or $$$, but of course, he doesn't do pots and pans!

I know the mess an on-premise cut might make, but I'm more concerned about the $$$ and possible damage to countertops. The seam for the granite runs vertically through the sink area and wonder if this makes the granite weak for the recut? I would love to have the white fireclay version, but concerned about the weight of trying to drop it laterally through the new cutout and then attaching.

I am attaching pics but not sure yet if I can do multiple pics in this posting, so please follow this post. I am looking for advice on $$$ and possibilities/suggestions. Thanks!

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closer view, see the seam

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The base cabinet were already hacked to accommodate a sink that was meant for a 33" base

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right side hack

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left side hack, doesn't seem to have the same wood holding it up like the right side

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the spec of the franke, comes in SS and fireclay, Advise PLEASE

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Don't have an answer, just bumping this for you.

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