Floor Plan--Please critique NYC apt.

nancymark111October 15, 2013

I am planning on renovation a NYC, second floor 1200 sq ft apt. Currently, kitchen is 11 ft x10 ft.

This layout was done 12 years ago when I moved in. 2 bedrooms on the left sided below. Living room on the right side with kitchen and dining room in the middle.

Here is the enlargement of the living room and kitchen that I plan on renovating.

I plan to make the kitchen smaller by moving the pennisula closer to the stove, from 7ft to 4 ft. I don't have enough space to put dishwasher and sink against one wall, hence, the corner sink. See below. I am also putting in new shelves/cabinet on the wall against the front window in the living room. And I like to get rid of the closet and put in desk space for a couple people in the living room ( adjacent to the staircase). One cook in the house, BTW. Any input will be much appreciated. Thank you.

Here is a link that might be useful: proposed new kitchen and living room here.

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Kathy Rivera

I had a U shape with a corner sink until our recent reno. I actually like the corner sink and think it's a great way to get a long stretch of prepping countertop in a small space. My setup was exactly like yours, actually, so I'd definitely suggest you move the DW to the peninsula. That was the most annoying thing was standing there while prepping as I'd have to move if someone wanted to get a clean item out (or heaven forbid someone load while I was prepping! :) )

I also had a cab over the sink (as you seem to be thinking about in your plans) and it was big and where all my dishes and glasses fit. It was nice to pull those things out and put them on the peninsula before plating. I've attached a pic below and you can sort of see it. The far side is over the paper towel holder. I will say, the far side of the cab was a little hard to get to (I'm almost 5'8"), but all the everyday dishes and glasses were easily accessible in the left side just above the sink. I also never felt that the cab was intruding into my head space as I worked at the sink. In a NYC apt, you need all the extra cab space you can get, so I'd definitely think about cabs on that wall.

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Kathy Rivera

Here's a better picture of the over sink cab...

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I had a corner sink in the last place I rented an it didn't bother me at all. It was a tight U shaped kitchen, which I found extremely efficient. I actually like a smaller kitchen rather than a larger one. (I find it ironic that most suburban homes have kitchens larger than what you find in the average restaurant.)

Also, in an older galley kitchen in an apartment in Chicago, there were 42 inch cabinets that ran the entire wall, including above the sink - or rather in front of the sink. I gotta say, I didn't even notice or realize the difference until I started measuring for my current cabinets and reflecting on all the rental kitchens I have lived in. Shelving is often 12" deep and counters 24" so I guess having a foot in front of me before the cabinet started didn't make me feel like my head was in a cabinet while at the sink.

I am curious about the dining table layout, though maybe this is not anything you want to change. Do you spend much time at your dining table other than to eat and would you like to spend more time there? I have adored having an eating space and sofa close together. I find that I use the table so much when they are paired together. And it is nice to be able to sit and eat close to somebody who is lounging on the sofa. So for that reason, if this were my home and space permitted, I would move the new double desk area to where the dining table is. I would push the sofa and living room set up along the entire front wall, over into the area that you have designed currently for the desk. And, I would put the dining table in front of the bookshelves that are going to be on the other side of the kitchen, so in the area where you are planning on putting the arm chair. I have no idea if this meets your needs or how you would feel about the desk area being where your table is, but I would so much rather have a big open flow between eating and lounging space, and have my workspace more cordoned off.

Keep us posted. It is so refreshing to see a city space posted here. And, I love your drawings.

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KathyNY: Thanks for the photos, they are really worth a thousand words :) They gave me a better visual of how a corner sink and cabinets look like.

Brandywine72: Thank you so much for the wonderful ideas. I wrote them down and hope to get more ideas here.

Thanks again.

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My firewall would not allow your plan proposals to be viewed. IMHO, your most functional option is to move the sink to the peninsula after the peninsula has been extended to the same length as the other leg of the U. The layout would have a 3" wide support for a stone countertop at the peninsula end, next the DW, then the sink, and finally a drawer bank. A half wall would have to be built for the pipe to run through on the outside perimeter of the peninsula. I know this would mean extra expense, but it would be money well spent to significantly improve your layout. What say you?

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