Is there a small over the range microwave

pattypearlOctober 25, 2008

Really need help. I'm trying to find a small over the range microwave - would like the height to be less than the usual 16". I researched the "spacemaker" brand but they are all 16" high, 29" wide and 15" deep.

The microwave I'm looking for will only be used occasionally to reheat coffee and food so I do not need a high-end model.

Also does anyone have any idea about the space between the bottom of the microwave and top of range? Is there some standard to be followed???

If I get a microwave with a 16" height, I'll only have 15" between bottom of microwave and top of range. Unfortunately I have no counter space, above range is my only solution.

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Don't have an answer regarding smaller ones, but the product documentation should guide you as to the recommended distance between the range and and the MW.

I've attached a PDF link to the OTR model I'm getting as an example.

Here is a link that might be useful: GE OTR microwave specs

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I too am looking for an OTR microwave that is less than 16"(H). I had a GE Spacesaver in the past but it seems that they have increased the size. Please let me know if you find anything that is smaller. Thanks!

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I have a Samsung, the height is 16". The distance between the bottom of the microwave to the top of the burner grate is 20" (21" to the stovetop). I don't know what the standard distance is supposed to be. I cook a lot and this is working out fine. I personally would not want the space between the stove & the micro. to be any less than what I have now.

Our old kitchen had a micro. on the counter. Before the remodel, I duc taped a box above our range to simulate where the micro. would be. I didn't actually cook with it there...just kept it there a few hours while I got used to it. It gave me an idea as to how it would feel to be working at the stove with this new addition.

Another idea you might want to consider... Since you say you do not use the micro. that often, how about putting it in a spot somewhere just next to or outside your kitchen? I don't know your kitchen layout and how it relates to the other rooms in your home. Maybe it's open to a family room that has a spot for a kitchen cart/workbench? Some of these I have seen look pretty nice... Williams Sonoma has several, Target has some,Macys Home Store, and I'm sure Ikea has them, as well. See link below.

Here's a pic of our Samsung OTR microwave

Here is a link that might be useful: Williams Sonoma -Carts/Workstations

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In one house, I added a shelf above the range and placed a regular compact microwave on it, with this Ikea wooden box thing next to it to fill the space perfectly. The microwave was only about 10" high, the ones meant for OTR have all the extra ventilation. This might have been a GE, I am not sure. Then I added a downdraft for ventilation for the stove. It's one option, anyway. It was the only way I had room! If you can't use a downdraft, perhaps you could get one of the vents that goes into the backsplash or something....

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Pattypearl: there is a GE Profile Spacemaker that measures 11 3/16in(H) x 12 9/32in(D) x 23 25/32in(W). It is 800 watts which would be plenty to heat coffee, etc. The model# is: PEM31DMWW (white) but you can get it in stainless, bisque and black. I saw this online just a week ago. Good Luck!

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The "standard" height on most OTR MW's is 16"+ and getting taller. If tyou are replacing a vent hood with an OTR, you probably will have to modify the cabinet above it to safely install the OTR. Please do NOT install any wooden shelves over the range to put a countertop MW on! It's a FIRE HAZARD! You need to have non combustible surfaces above a range (of ANY kind) and do not need so solve one problem with another.

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The minimum clearance is 18 inches.I am having the same problem. Have you found one that fits over the range but isnt so big it is too close to the cooktop?

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I too, have been going crazy finding a 'streamlined' microwave.
I've spent many hours on the net looking for such.
So far the best I can find is a Frigidaire microwaveFMV157G
which measures H:15 3/4 D:15 1/32 W;29 7/8

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I need to replace my over the range microwave/hood but I have not been able to find one that is as small as my present one (15 1/2" high by 14" deep). Any ideas? Thanks!

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I am having the same issue. My current microwave is 15" high and I already feel it is borderline too close to the cooktop (only 16" away). Pretty sure that's not up to code. Now that my current microwave has died, I'm searching for a microwave to replace it that will still fit in that space.

Let me know if any of you came up with a solution!


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I am having the same problem, too. When we built our house 17 years ago, the original over the range microwave was just fine. That particular microwave stopped working a few years after. When it was replaced, I noticed a considerable loss of space between microwave and range. We now want to start replacing our old appliances with stainless steel and I've had dimension problems on just about everything. It seems all of the new microwaves are at least 16" high, regardless of the cubic feet, which doesn't make sense to me. I can't afford to lose another inch. I only have about 15" between cooktop and microwave now. I may consider putting in a vent instead and buying a very compact microwave (used only for reheating) for the counter. I hate to do that because I really don't need more on my counters, but I don't really know what to do. I certainly don't intend to replace all of my cabinets to fit in new appliances. Just like Olivia, I need a solution!

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I now have the same issue. We currently have 16 inches between bottom of the current microwave ( 20 years old) and the gas stove top. 18 inches is the min value in our town per code

Did anybody find a low depth microwave that is 30 inches wide

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laurie_2008 thanks for posting photo of your samsung OTR microwave. I have a question though. Standard upper cabinet depth is 12" and standard OTR microwave depth seems to be 15.5". So does your built-in microwave stick out 3.5" from your upper cabinets? In the photo it looks like the microwave is flush with the cabinets. My GE Spacemaker XL OTR microwave is 14" deep which works well but that model is no longer available.

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GE rebranded their spacemaker mws. They are still available, but not called spacemaker. You have to look at the measurements of each mw. My GE is 12.5" deep and is a counter top model which sits on a shelf.

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You can also raise the cabinet above your microwave, we did and I really thought the variations of heights looked great.

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laurie_2008 thanks for the suggestion. But I am asking about the depth of the microwave not the height. If cabinet is 12" deep and microwave is 15.5" deep, wouldn't the microwave stick out 3.5"? Yours appears to be flush with the cabinet which looks very nice. Thanks.

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While I was looking for something I came across this link that allows you to shop by capacity and then just check out the specs page, and you'll have you're measurements. I saw some that were 15 deep x 16 1/2 height x 29 wide.

Here is a link that might be useful: Over the range Samsung

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Oh forgive me, I didn't know you had already found some that small.

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