Progress (2.5 days in; 1 more to go)!

KevinMPOctober 7, 2012

Here are some pictures of the progress so far. A huge difference already and an amazing amount of storage I don't even think I could fill.

(Contractor still needs to finish the backsplash, trimming out the cabinets (the walls and floor were a nightmare for him), crown moulding, replacing the window, door and baseboard moulding, knobs/pulls, painting and touch up, and the warming drawer (which I've decided to relocate the make use of the blind cabinet next to the dishwasher with the drawer accessible from the "hallway" area)).




Stay tuned until Thursday night.

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Wow! Looking great! Your contractor is a fast worker. Can't wait until Thursday...

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Woohoo ! Looking good!

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My contractor thinks I should tile behind the refrigerator. What are you thoughts on that. Unless I could somehow get an 18" refrigerator column and a 12" under-counter freezer, I don't see a way to get rid of my refrigerator, but I suppose if I have the extra tile (a big if given that I got it on clearance and bought all they had (45 square feet)) it's worth it.

Part of me feels like it might look goofy, part of me doesn't.

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Love your new back splash in the making-your instincts were right to switch it out for the cab color. Nice additional cabinets space! Love the drawers and the electric for the MW. Why don't you check period pictures re: BS behind the fridge?

Looking forward to more on your renovation.

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Anyone have any insight on whether I should use two of the Amerock Rochdale cup pulls on each of the drawers on the 27" drawer base, or just one? Or should I use two of the glass knobs instead? Keep in mind that I will re-use my cup pulls from before on the other smaller drawers and sink front. They used to have them locally, but now they're only available online which I don't really feel like waiting for.

Also, now that you have the backsplash picture, what do you think about TEC dove gray (second from top) vs. TEC pearl (at the bottom) (see below)? I'm still leaning toward pearl, but I have an unused carton of the unsanded dove gray leftover from my bathroom. But as you can see from the bathroom pictures, it's likely too gray especially since the calacatta gold I used in the bathroom was more gray.


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Mick Mick

LOL. I thought that you accidentally posted the "after" as the before. LOL Well, your "during" photo is looking good. I can't wait to see the after.

Oh yeah. That bathroom *sigh*...That is a thing of beauty! I love all of your choices. Enjoy!

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I did too divastyle! I had to look back and forth several times to see the difference. The after is great but the before was very pretty too. Great storage on that back wall. Is that a microwave in the pantry cabinet?

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I have actual before pictures with different rugs and the old stove, etc. It looks much different. The old cabinets were stark white thermofoil; these are antique white maple. The backsplash will be much different, and, of course, the storage. The paint will change, along with the trim, and there's now LED ceiling lighting and halogen under cabinet lighting, more outlets, etc. In other words, a lot you cannot tell.

And yes that's a microwave. A secret I found on this forum. The world's smallest but still big enough to hold a full plate microwave, and it fits into an 18" wide pantry cabinet.

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I like the idea of tiling behind the fridge. The grout, I still like both but lean toward the gray, picks up the stainless steel maybe more. The wall color should be considered as well as the tone of the cabinets. Love your microwave. What brand is it?

Last, do you have information on the finish you went with - either latex or lacquer on you cabinets? I have posted this question on the Kitchen Forum but have not got responses with any info yet. I would love your input. (I'm out on other peoples post hustling information, I'm desperate :) Thanks.

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I don't tend to like 2 handles on any drawer if possible. Reason being you will probably always just grab one, and that probably isn't the best for the drawer. I'm happier with a handle in the center.

Visually, on a 27" drawer, 2 cup pulls might look too busy in your space on the small drawer also.

Your kitchen looks incredible! And don't you kind of love it when there are no counters and you can just reach in to that top drawer? Well, kind of love it for maybe a week while the counters are being fabricated, that is...

Can't wait to see the end product. Oh, and if you do have enough tile to continue behind the fridge...I'd say go for it!

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Do lighter grout
Tile behind the fridge
One pull on the 27" drawers
Smallish space needs "less" details
Love your bathroom
Please tell me how you like your Dacor range.
Found one for a great price floor model, yesterday and I need to make a decision.
Sorry for the drift

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I bought the Dacor as a floor model, too. If you can get them to do it right, you can still apply Dacor's sale right now: $300 off and free 3-year extension of warranty. It's been great so far.

So you really think the gray grout....I don't like it next to the cabinets. Here's a picture that's sort of lame, but get's it across. They're coming tomorrow to finish the backsplash and the fabricator is coming to do the template for the wall unit, so time is nearly up! (I still like the pearl the best because it has gray in it, too (it's the one on the right).)

The microwave is a Whirlpool. You can get it at Lowes (they stock it here in the city), and it's also on AJ Madison, etc. Seriously, I wouldn't have known about it had I not seen it on this forum. Someone had one in an appliance garage, and I realized I had an opportunity to get rid of the bulky over-the-range microwave hood and not lose counter space, it was an easy decision. And inexpensive at $120 (plus the $340 hood, I guess).

Here is a link that might be useful: Microwave Link

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Oh, and it's MAB Rich Lux Low Lustre paint (which can be purchased at Sherman Williams).

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As far as grout goes, have you looked at the silverado? It's a very light gray. Also, take that unopened bag of grout back to Lowe's. They carry the Tec brand and they take everything back if they carry the item. So, don't let that force your decision.

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Silverado's too gray and too light and read a little lavender to me. I already posted that with the others (see below). I'm not concerned about the extra grout I have; I can just return it to the tile place, but I am concerned that the tile is too different from the calacatta gold I used in my bathroom to use the gray grout.

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Kevin, you have a keen eye for your house, so I'd go with what you're seeing proper to your space.

I find the dove grout too dark, and am more drawn to the pearl with gray or even the lightest third one (more gold tone) in your top picture fwiw.

Nice, all the way around. Thanks for the MW tip.

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Get the Pearl Kevin, do what you think looks good. The Pearl looks really nice with your tile, and cabinets - better than the gray in your picture above. And of course it is going to be such a narrow grout line showing that It will be a perfect look with the veining in your tile.

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Mick Mick

Any update? Did you decide on the grout and tile?

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It's taking longer than expected because I ran out of paint to paint the trim, which is now all installed and because after they did my template today, I went to pick out the part of the slab I wanted to use, and the slab looked too gray/blue instead of true black like the black absolute I already have. They gave me a sample to bring home and also color enhanced one additional sample. When I got home, neither matched. Because the new counter will be only 33" from the original counter, I'm really afraid that it won't match. I'm going back tomorrow with the remnant of my original counter that the old granite place left me to see if I can find another slab or a piece of statuary or calacatta gold. Otherwise, I may do walnut butcherblock or something. Who knows. I'd appreciate your input.

I did decide to tile behind the refrigerator and I'm likely going with the pearl grout, but I haven't decided yet. Now that the backsplash is in, what do you think: pearl or dove gray grout?

And what do you think about the distressed black cup pulls? I found them today because I cannot find what I used to have locally. I like them because they match the cast iron rim locks I have throughout my house (like the one on the back door in the kitchen like the picture below) and because they match the knobs on the range. What do you think? I could always go back to brushed nickel or stainless steel, but I kind of like them. And what should I do for the door knobs: glass/acrylic or distressed black?

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These knobs would match because they're the same brand and finish:

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Mick Mick

They are nice, but I think that it may overwhelm the space. I hate to ask this, but is there any chance you could look for new cabinet hardware? They are too heavy.

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I could. I just cannot find anything locally that's linear that's not chrome or brushed nickel. I hate the rounded cup pulls.

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Just been watching your thread and your little kitchen looks great! FWIW, I like the pulls... they are big and chunky like the black stove knobs. Anyway, looking good!

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Wow glad I found this thread.
Like others I thought your initial photos were the new kitchen in progress because your original backsplash looked great! Love your new one too and I like the pearl grout over gray; rather see the beautiful tile rather than grout lines competing with the natural movement of the stone. Small space I prefer less contrast and for the same reason I prefer your original stainless (nickel?) pulls over the black. I too feel the black overpowers the space and size of the drawers. My eye is drawn to the black and not in a good way. IMO the black are too heavy and takes away from the clean modern vibe of the space.

And your bathroom....HELLO BEAUTIFUL!!

Thanks for sharing and hope to see more.

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These are not the answers I wanted about the knobs. Now I have to keep looking...

But in other news, I went to the granite yard to show them how much their absolute black differed from what I already have and ended up finding a perfect calacatta gold remnant that I was able to get for the same price. So now the wall unit will be calacatta gold, and I only had to pay $96 extra to get the slab remnant honed. Now I don't have to worry about that matching.

I'll keep you updated on the knobs and pulls, but I'm really not excited about having to keep looking. Off to the Restoration Hardware outlet after the Eagles game.

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Mick Mick

Sorry. :) Restoration Hardware is a good starting place. I ended up doing the Amerock Highland Ridge collection in Polished Nickel.

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What about these?

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Mick Mick

Great choice. I really like them.

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Is it weird to have the blackish oil rubbed bronze pulls when the appliances and faucet are stainless. I like the contrast and the matching aspect of the black knobs with the pulls, and I think it'll need the black on the wall unit now that I'm having calacatta gold installed tomorrow instead of the black absolute.

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Mick Mick

I don't think it is weird. I think that mixed metals and finishes can add a degree of depth to a design. :)

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