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abrshaferOctober 13, 2012

I just got the preliminary plans from my designer and this is the kitchen that she designed. It just doesn't feel right to me. I told her the kitchen is the most important room in the house and that I wanted a large center island (want lots of prep space), plenty of upper cabinets (I have a lot of pampered chef and other kitchen gadgets and I want them to be easy to access), large pantry (buy at costco & sam's club) and I wanted it to be directly connected/accessible to dining room.

We currently are a family of four. Two daughters 6 & 4 with plenty of extended family in the area that we want to be able to invite over for casual family gatherings.

This kitchen seems to have one of the requirements (large pantry) but it seems to have limited upper cabinets, no direct access to dining room, and no large island with plenty of prep area...

It also seems long and narrow. Dimensions are 19'2 X 9'11. Those are the only ones she provided. As I plan on having her totally redesigning this kitchen all input suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

My fix would add square footage to the house (which we are already over so may not work) I was thinking pushing out nook area so I could widen kitchen and add a center island and then changing entry to kitchen to be directly across from dining room? But that may may mean pushing back keeping room, etc...

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Try this: align the entry to your kitchen with the entry to your dining room, and move the pantry to the stair wall. The pantry would work best Asa deep wall of storage cabinetry, and this would add a lot of room to the kitchen allowing for a larger island.

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I agree that doesn't look promising. The lack of connection to the DR would especially bother me.

Do you really need three places to sit? If you got rid of seating at the island, that would help.

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