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RabinCaOctober 17, 2013

We did a kitchen remodel some time ago and, suffice to say, we gave insufficient consideration to the lighting. The remodel involved the removal of a wall between the square post at the bottom and the wall at the top of the layout. There is a beam between those two points where the wall used to be.
The existing lighting consists of overhead lights about 2-1/2' to 3' north of the sink (in the middle of where the dining room used to be) and about 2' to 2-1/2' south of the stove's eastmost corner (in the middle of the old kitchen). There are under-cabinet lights, both relatively inexpensive (and relatively ineffective) flourescents, under the white cabinet (wine rack) on the west wall and under the white cabinet on the west wall of the peninsula at the southernmost part of the layout. There are also a couple of very nice and effective task lights in the range hood.
The switch for the overhead near the sink is on the wall above the base cabinet to the west of the stove. There's an outlet there as well. There is a switch and outlet for each of the under-cabinet lights and there is one more outlet in the corner to the west of the sink.
The relative lack of light between the pantries and fridge at the north part of the layout and above the sink and peninsula is the source of most of our dissatisfaction and we thought we'd see if we could improve things.
We first thought we'd just take some power off the existing overhead light on the sink side and run it over through the ceiling to install a couple of potlights, one above the sink and one above the peninsula. However, we didn't like the idea that in that solution all the lights would be controlled with the same switch and thought maybe we could do something a little more comprehensive.
At this point our thought is to install three pots, evenly spaced along the counters and sink at the south of the layout about a foot from the wall behind the sink, taking power from the switch in the southwest corner AND installing one other light (pot? something else?) in the area between the pantries and fridge at the north end of the layout taking the power for that from the existing overhead.
Taking power from the overhead would probably be relatively simple, even though there would be some joists to go across. Taking power from the existing switches/outlets would also be possible (I think) but much more difficult because it would involve going up the wall to get into the ceiling.
I've read a number of David Tay's posts and was very impressed with his knowledge. I'm hoping he might be able to have a look at my kitchen layout and let me know what he thinks. Thanks in advance!

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Lighting tends to be something a lot of us struggle through. I think you might get some replies if you can indicate on the plan where your current items are. I find it very hard to pick through the text, refer to the picture, and keep it all in my head. Also, what are the areas surrounding the kitchen? Labeling that would be helpful too.

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