Rev-A-Shelf Spice Racks for Fillers -- Have you seen these!!!!

carrianne22October 11, 2007

We needed to add in a couple of 3-inch fillers to center our sink cabinet...stumbled upon the Rev-a-shelf spice rack for fillers. AWESOME!! I am so excited!!

I found the best price for them at:

Great customer service and super super fast shipping!

Rev-Shelf Spice Rack pictures:

Kitch Prog

Password: pics

Here is a link that might be useful: Rev-A-Shelf Spice Rack pictures

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Here's the link to the opened spice rack. Pretty Cool - I think!!

Password: pics

Here is a link that might be useful: opened Rev-A-Shelf

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your link takes me to some photo site...

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Nice! Does yours "hang free"? i.e., you don't appear to have a leg resting on the floor... So, does that mean you don't need the "leg"?

I'm hoping I won't have any fillers, but if I do, the various types look good...even peg boards! Good selections! 3", 5", & 6"!

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The photos are carrianne22's installed pullouts.

The link for Ovis is

Here is a link that might be useful: Ovis Cabinet Hardware

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brosamj sister has those pull out spice shelves and she loves them. I love your sink--where did you get your copper sink? Also, why did you decide against an apron sink for it? Just curious.

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I have this spice rack, it will be installed in a few weeks. I also have the upper and lower lazy susans...they are very well made and will look super nice, I cannot wait to get them installed, I can't wait for my kitchen to be finished!!!!!!!! Another 3 wks at least!!!!!

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Shoot, can't see the pictures and can't find them on the Ovis site. Can someone post a link that I can open without a password?

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I have them on either side of my rangetop and love them! I highly recommend them if you need a 3" filler somewhere.



They hold about 40-44 spice bottles apiece.

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Here is the link to the Cabinet Organizers on Ovis

Here is a link that might be useful: Ovis Cabinet Organizers

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Thanks, alku and buehl!

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Buehl, I suspect those legs don't actually touch the floor, they just sustain the look of a furniture leg.

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The site says that these can't be added after the cabinets are installed; is this true? anybody done it after the fact?

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Those are neat, but what about the excess heat put off by the oven. Won't that break down the effectiveness of the spices over time? Just a thought. Let me know what you think.

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I would suspect it depends on how your fillers were placed in your cabinets. The filler on the other side of my sink was glued in place (along with nailed)...I don't think there would be a way to install after the fact with out some serious damage. Do you know how your cabinets and fillers were installed?

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The fillers MUST be installed when your cabinets go in. They actually attach inbetween two cabinets, so I can't think of a way to make it work as a retrofit.

The pullout does "hang free". It took quite a bit of extra effort from our cabinet guy to give it the leg-look. Indeed, the leg does not touch our floor at all; it just comes very close.

We only have a rangetop which doesn't even get warm on the sides, so no need to worry about spices spoiling early. However, most ranges these days are sufficiently insulated that keeping your spices next to your oven isn't an issue.

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Alku & anyone else who can answer this:

Regarding your spice pullout, did you have a base cabinet installed and have this put in it or did you just attach this to the walls of the cabinets on either side and then put in fake upper/lower frames to make it look like a base cab?

I'm asking b/c our KD has a 9" tray cabinet to the left & right of our cooktop. She originally had them as spice pullouts from Omega but she said they were really expensive so now they are tray cabinets (just a plain full cabinet w/no shelves or drawers). But, I have plenty of tray space above my ovens and I think I'd rather have the spice pullouts. I thought of this thread...

I'd like to put one of these in place of one of the tray cabs, if not both. These cabinets (full overlay) are 9" with, I think, 1.5" face frame which means I have a 6" opening to work with. However, if I could just put this in the 9" space b/w 2 cabinets, I would think I could use the full 9" opening with 9" door... Do you know if this is the case? We could create a toe kick on the bottom to make it look like it's a cabinet.

Note: I already changed the design to merge a 9" cabinet near the sink into the adjacent one to make a wider cabinet. But it won't work to do the same on the cooktop wall b/c (1) we have to place the hood & wall cabinets in specific places to hide the couple of places where we cannot re-route plumbing behind our current soffit; and (2) the other base cabinet on either side of the cooktop will be housing a 30" oven and a 30" warming drawer so we thought it would be a waste of space to make those cabinets each 39" and have a trim kit for the extra 9" on each cabinet (I hope I'm making sense!)

Any input greatly appreciated!!!


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These filler pullouts only come in 6" and 3" widths and they take the place of a cabinet; they don't go inside of one. When the cabinets are planned, you have your KD leave a 6" or 3" gap where this pullout goes. When the cabinets go in, this pullout is attached between the two cabinets to fill the gap. Then you attach whatever facing you want on it. With full overlay, none of the face froam shows when the cabinets are closed, right? So you'd attach a 6" false door to the front of the filler.

Buehl, would you be willing to have 6" pullouts, and extend one of the neighboring cabinets that extra 3"? The net usable pullout would be the same as a pullout insert in your 9" framed cabinet, but you'd gain that extra 3" in the neighboring cabinet. Rats, I just saw your Note that that won't work... What's on the other side of oven and warming drawer cabinets? I'm trying to think of a good use for the extra 3" of base cabinet space that you'd have.

I dug through my picture and found a picture of my installed filler pullouts before the decorative columns were installed:

See how the light-colored filler pullout is suspended between the rangetop base and the other cabinets? For the toe kick, you simply run the toekick material across that gap, reinforcing if necessary.

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Yes, I do see that. Let me revisit my plan to see if I could add 3" to cabinets on either side...


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Well, I looked at the plan and I don't think I can steal any space from anywhere else. I have the following on that wall (right to left):

24" base cabinet + 2" filler for corner + 30" (WD + 1 drawer) + 9" Tray Cab + 36" cooktop + 9" Tray Cab + 30" (Miele oven) + 3" filler for corner + 18" corner sink base

Here is the layout:

Question: A 9" cabinet has a 6" opening (9" cab - 3" for face frame = 6" opening) It looks like the "4-Tier Pull-Out Shelf" (link below) would fit in the 9" cabinet...there will be extra space, but I think it would still be more useful than another tray cabinet. IF we decide against the Miele oven, then I will probably merge the 9" into the 30" for a 39" drawer base.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rev-A-Shelf Wood Classics 4-Tier Pull-Out Shelf

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Hi Buehl - We installed these pullouts in our last kitchen (we had a full-height 9" cabinet on each side of the cooktop base - just like you'll have) and we liked them so much we've planned the exact same thing for the kitchen in our new house. I already have the pullouts sitting in the garage and my cabinets are being delivered on Monday. There's really no extra space inside either - I think the 5C size requires a 9" cabinet. And these are even better than the ones I had before - I only had 3 shelves and they weren't adjustable. I think you'd like them!

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That's great to hear RuddyCat! Thanks for letting me know...I feel better now about what I had thought was going to be 18" of wasted space!

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DH designed this one in already installed cabinets. He nailed to the cabinet on the left with the dishwasher pulled out.

Just regular cabinet hardware, mounted on the side.

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Rtas, Buehl, it does look like you'd gain nothing by going with a filler pullout. However, that revashelf pullout insert looks like it'll do a perfect job for you. That space will certainly NOT be wasted!

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I agree Alku05, I'm going to go ahead and plan for two...

Thanks all!

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carrianne22 - Great looking product, thanks for posting!

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Does anyone know if the 5" pullout can be retrofitted to a 9" cabinet? I couldn't tell from the description, but it looks like it can be.

We had to eliminate the pullouts for budget reasons but I would like to eventually install them as money becomes available. (We also eliminated the 30" oven that was originally going to go next to the cooktop, but we replaced it w/a 30" MW drawer, so still no merging of cabinets.)


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The fillers can't, but there are many after market pullouts that can. From my own experience, I can tell you that there are many 5" pullouts available. The hard part will be installing in the narrow space, but our GC said he could do it in a 6" cabinet, so you should be able to in a 9".

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I'm sorry for not understanding this, but can you please explain a bit more? You didn't purchase these features WITH your cabinets? But instead you just left spaces for them and installed them yourself?

We are a very DIY family, so if this could save us money that would be great. I just need a little help figuring out exactly how to do it.

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Kbmas0n, purchasing pullouts as an aftermarket item is usually much cheaper than ordering them from the cabinet company. For example, we chose to order the plain cabinet from the cabinet company requesting an unattached door, and our pullout trash hardware from revashelf (a good accessories company). We put in the pullout ourselves, attached the door to it, and all-in-all saved about $200.

The pullout filler we started talking about in this thread is the only option that actually takes the place of something you'd order from the cabinet company. Everything else (pantry pullouts, trash pullouts, Buehl's oil pullouts) are things that get installed inside of plain cabinets you order from your cabinet company.

Check out the link below to browse some of the many aftermarket items out there. (There are less expensive sources for these items, but the site below is very useful for browsing.)

Here is a link that might be useful: KitchenSource cabinet accessories

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Thanks, Alku05!

I love the chair leg look with the 3" spice pullout. So would I order the "chair leg" from the cab co., and then just leave a 3" gap when we are installing, and then install the filler that was ordered from RevAShelf?

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You would order the turned post and a plain 3" overlay filler (that's the wood panel that goes behind the leg) from the cabinet company, but leave a 3" gap between the cabinetry. The revashelf insert gets put inbetween the cabinets to fill that gap, and the overlay filler and leg get attached to it.

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Thanks again! This is very enlightening! I didn't even know there was a less expensive route to take. My DH is all about saving us money.

So are the lazy susans that are RevAShelf as strong as the super susans that I hear about?

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Bump for Kbmas!

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bump for everyone who has 3" fillers...

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Alku, I think you said you have the 3" filler pullouts. How much usable room is there b/w the railings on the shelves? This was also asked on another thread but I thought I would ask here to keep as much info as possible in one thread for later reference.


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I have the 3" spice filler pullout, and I just measured the largest diameter spice jar I have in it. It's about 2 1/16", and has a little bit of wiggle room. It looks like the total space between the rails that hold the jars in place is about 2 1/4", or maybe just a shade less than that. All of my standard spice jars (Penzey's, McCormick, Spice Islands, etc.) fit with room to spare.

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So, if you figure there will be another 3" in the 6" pullout, that means there will be approx a 5-1/4" width b/w the rails.

Thanks QuantumKitten!

My KD today said Omega also has filler pullouts with 2 and 3 shelves.

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Sorry I'm slow getting back to you! I have an overload this semester so I actually have to work all day instead of feeding my kitchen addiction between classes...

Anyway, the 3" pullout holds items up to 1 1/4" in diameter. Like quantumkitty stated, all of our spice jars fit, and we actually have an oil cruet in there too. The shelves are fully adjustable which came in handy for thet oil cruet!

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We a window in our galley kitchen that will be over a sink base.
The problem we are facing is that for the wall cabinets on either side of the window to be equidistant from the window, one cabinet needs to be 33 inches to be even with lower cabinets and the other needs to be 36 inches.

However, Diamond Cabinets don't make a 33" wall cabinet. As such we had to order a 30 inch cabinet, and we are looking for a way to fill the 3 inch gap so that the uppers are equidistant from the window and are level with the lower cabinets on each end of the galley kitchen.

We found this

I guess my question is, how do you make sure the front of the 3" filler match the color of the rest of you cabinets considering it's not from the same comapny?

Diamond doesn't make a 3" filler like this.

Please help?!

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I just saw this thread. I have a 3 inch end piece from Woodmode that will be installed just as a finish piece on one end of a stove. There is a door frame
on the other side.
Does the 3 inch filler require a wider area to fit into?

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I thought I'd show our final installation of pullouts flanking our range. In the end, they weren't exactly filler pullouts, but they're close. Apparently Omega had 6" pullout cabinets that are not only frameless but also have 1/8" walls that attach to the cabinets on either side!

First, front shot w/the pullouts closed:

With both open:

Baking pullout (to left of cooktop b/c my Baking Center is on the left)

Spice pullout (to the right of cooktop b/c my primary Prep Zone is on the right)

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To those posting to this thread with questions...please start a new thread of your own with your questions. This is for three reasons...

(1) This thread has dropped off the thread list so unless someone has a direct link to it, no one will see it.

(2) This is an old thread that most people will not be coming back to, especially not people who are experienced on this site...they may link to or point others to it, but they will rarely open it themselves.

(2) You can use a subject in your new thread that specifies not only that you need help but what type of help

Good luck!

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Link to Rev-A-Shelf's filler pullouts. This is to show what's available. However, I do not recommend buying direct b/c you can get them for much less on other sites.

Base Filler Pullouts: Available in 3", 6", and 9" widths.

Upper Cab Filler Pullouts: Available in 3" and 6" widths in 36", 39", and 42" heights

Tall/Pantry Filler Pullouts: Available in 6" widths and in 39" and 45" heights that can be used alone or in conjunction with others to meet your 84", 90", or 96" total height requirements

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