how important is cabinet symmetry?

jsz60October 7, 2013

I am getting to the final stages (thankfully!) of this remodel and I have all of you to thank for your wonderful ideas and suggestions!
I am probably obsessing too much, but I envisioned a butler's pantry wall with completely symmetrical cabinets on either side of the sink. Without the gory details, it has turned out not quite so-and I am not sure how far to go to change it. Nothing major-just drawers on one side, cupboards on the other; pulls on one drawer, knob on the other. The upper cabinets will look alike, more or less. The current arrangement is certainly functional and the cabinets are lovely-it just doesn't look something out of a scene from Downton Abbey! I would welcome your input...

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I think the thought is that the wall cabinets should be symmetrical in that if they are separated by something, a range, a sink etc. that they "balance" to your eye. It helps if the door sizes are the same on each side, but I think as long as the 'mass' reads the same from across the room you will probably be okay. Can you post a picture?

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I am trying to post a photo. Hope it works! Not only am I not a designer, I am technologically impaired!

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Your kitchen is beautiful! The top row of drawers seem perfectly symmetrical, and the doors on one side with drawers on the other is lovely. The symmetry immediately on either side of the sink, top and bottom, gives a very symmetrical look to the entire cabinet range.

Is the single door on the lower right of the sink a cabinet, and that's why it has a knob instead of a pull? Is the matching door on the left side of sink a pull-out, thus it has a pull? I don't mind the look, but might consider a pull for the right door if possible.

Really nice looking kitchen!

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I think it looks beautiful and well balanced. The minor differences don't really stand out.

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Everything is beautiful, but the knob should be replaced with a pull. It will mean filling the knob-hole with wood filler and touching up the paint, but it should be done.

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