sound dampening in cupboards

mrtulinOctober 5, 2013

Don't know why, but my new cabinents are echo chambers when dishes are being put in. I imagine because they are not solid wood.
Have you found a product that absorbs plunks and clatters, but is somewhat nice looking as well as functional?
At least all the doors close quietly.

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The sort of lacy rubber mats?

It may be echoing from the back, and there's not much you cna do, except maybe tack the cushioning strip onto the back.

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Cushy Cupboards is very highly liked around GW. I would imagine it would provide a good bit of sound dampening as well. I think you can get your Ace Hardware or True Value Hardware to order it for you.

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For the back of the cabinets, you could try cutting foam board to fit and wrapping it with fabric.

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The April sale has been mentioned. Any one know when these might be on sale again?
I'm going to go with Cushy Cupboards. It is expensive! As things go, the shipping is not terrible: 7.80 for a roll, about 20 for 5 rolls. I'd like to wait for it to go on sale, but can't stand the sound of my heavy glasses BANGING down. I could moderate my movements, but sometimes 'ya know, you just wanna get the dishwasher unloaded! Besides, I don';t expect my dh or dd to act like church mice when they put glasses and plates away.

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You can call them and I bet they would tell you when the next sale is. I have been wanting to order it as well since one of my Gardenweb buddies sent me a sample. It is very expensive though so I haven't bit the bullet yet. The owner of the company posts (or used to) on another forum ...

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