sink on a peninsula messy?

Fori is not pleasedOctober 9, 2013

My current in-progress plan calls for the main sink on a peninsula. Can a sink go into a peninsula that is the standard 24" deep or does that result in a big sloppy mess?

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I had a sink on the peninsula for 15 years and loved it. My peninsula was about 36 inches wide, though. I was thinking about how it would have been if it had been only 24 inches. First, I'm guessing that the countertop depth would be around 26 inches, assuming the cabinets were 24? Second, I don't remember ever having a big mess in back of my sink. Once in a long while I'd have a tsunami while washing a cookie sheet, and water would swamp the counters, but that was a very rare occasion. Most of the time I didn't have to give any thought to the counter in back of the sink at all.

I'll be interested to hear what other folks say about this. Good luck!

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I've never had a tsunami, but the occasional light splash goes 10"-12" behind the sink. Puddles at the faucet handle are a bigger problem, and I would plan a minimum of 8" behind the sink to contain them. You might want to install your faucet so the handle faces front.

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Fori is not pleased

Thanks, y'all. Just looking at the backsplash behind my current sink makes me think I'd need it much deeper and now I'm pretty darn sure that standard depth won't do at all.

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It may depend on the size of your sink. My sink is not that deep or that wide, so when it's overly-full and I decide (stupidly) to run the water onto a big dish or cookie sheet anyway anyway, I often get a big spillover. If the spill goes toward the back of the sink, it's contained somewhat by the backsplash, but then runs sideways. On a peninsula, you won't have a backsplash to contain it, and with just a few inches behind, you may have water running over the back of the peninsula, as you suspect.

But -- my sink spills over because it's not very deep (only 7"), and not wide enough to spread out the dishes that are stacked up in there. I have one dishwasher, but could easily use another, which would allow my sink to be empty of extra dishes that didn't make it into the DW. A larger/deeper sink, an extra DW if warranted, and tidy work habits would probably help a lot. But another several inches of counter top behind the sink might be best.

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Fori is not pleased

Hehe! I don't think tidy work habits are gonna happen!

Just holding a spoon wrong in a stream of water can soak me...

I'll have to look up other options, like a raised something behind the peninsula. Might hide dirty dishes, too.

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What's on the other side? Do you have room for a raised backsplash (maybe 6" high) with a little ledge? Somewhere I saw a picture, where there wasn't room for a counter/stools, so the homeowner put herbs in a narrow 'trough' along the top of the half wall. Easy to water and very cute!

Kind of like this, but narrower (only room for one plant) and no wooden edges. I don't know if this would work, but it was a great way to hide the dishes and still talk to everyone, while working at the sink...and you have fresh herbs! :)

From Kitchen plans

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Fori is not pleased

I do like that, LLass. In fact, I have a row of sad-looking plants blocking my current kitchen peninsula's view from the living room! But they're just sort of sitting there in mismatched pots, not really hiding anything.

On the other side, we'll have a family room. Yeah, after all my complaining about hating an open concept, I'm putting in a combo family room/breakfast room/kitchen. BUT it'll be compartmentalized and separable from the living and dining rooms. I just realized that my mess (that I want to hide) extends past my kitchen. :P

It's just on paper now, but we're trying to see if things fit. I hope you're around when I need my plans attacked. We need more things like plant troughs in our lives! (I like the way you think!)

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