Week 2 of Kitchen Reno

SapphireMoonOctober 30, 2012

Well we're into week 2 and the painter still has to paint. I picked out BM Barley Harvest for the walls and Linen White for the trim and ceiling. He got the texture on the walls and ceiling today. From what my GC said last night when I talked to him, the painter was going to paint today too. They are planning to install the cabinets tomorrow. I've got a call into the GC now but haven't heard from him yet.

I had planned on posting pictures of each days progress but it did look like the painter was making any head way. So here are the pictures for today with the texture on.

I don't know if they will start installing cabinets without the painter being finished. They are delivering them tomorrow morning.

It is hard to be patient with being told one thing and then the painter taking his time.

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In general, it's a good thing if you have a painter who is thorough in his/her prep and takes the time to do a first rate job. I'm assuming the painter is actually working vs. break time and leisurely lunches.

The bad news for you who really, really wants to see those cabinets, is that the painter really needs to primer those walls and ceiling before he paints. The primer only takes an hour or two to dry so the color coat can go on, but it takes a while to finish that much wall and ceiling. That's assuming it's not raining or you're otherwise experiencing high humidity where you live. While your painter may spray the walls, the trim is all handwork. I wouldn't mess with painted walls short of 24 hrs drying time. I might also like a second coat of paint.

More reality check: say the cabinets arrive at 10 am tomorrow. It takes a couple of hours to get them off the truck and into wherever they're going plus checking the list to be sure the box numbers match the delivery list and the list you or your GC has from the seller-not a quick exercise. Then it's lunch time. Before they can make it to the kitchen, they'll probably unbox the whole lot to have a look at them. Believe me, it takes a while to cut the boxes, tear away the cardboard and store it in the dumpster or wherever they're going to put the zillion pieces of cardboard. Then they'll be ready to bring in the first of the cabinets. The cabinets are *heavy* and need at least two people to carry each one in. See where I'm going?

I know, I know, but good things can take time. My niece is just waiting for her baby to come. She was dilated to 3 cm last Thurs. and had a false alarm on Mon. Waiting, waiting for little Keira to make her appearance. We'll all be waiting to see your cabinets, because they will get installed, but all in good time. ;-)

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I forgot: it's common to take the doors/drawers off the cabinets before installing them. Smart people take the time to stick a piece of blue tape on each door & drawer with a matching number stuck onto the cabinet/drawer space it came from. So worth the time it takes!

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The painting part of our reno seemed to be the part that took the longest, and the painters were NOT lazing around. They were here every day and on Saturdays. They did primer and two coats on everything. In the kitchen, I believe they did primer and then the first coat, then the cabinets were installed, then a couple weeks later the toe-kicks and fascia and molding went in, THEN the second coat went on. Heck, the entire addition (that included the kitchen) the POs had built was demolished, the crappy foundations were exposed, dug up, and new foundations poured in less than the time it took to prime, paint the first coat, install cabinets, and paint the second coat in our new kitchen.

Crossing my fingers for your niece, suzannes1!

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Thanks suzannes1 and drbeanie2000.
They delivered the cabinets this morning. All the boxes are in the kitchen, dining room and garage. The workers that are going to install them had to finish another job for another customer, so they didn't make it here today. The GC said the painter will finish after the cabinets are installed.

I so wanted to take a peek in the boxes but I didn't.

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I can't believe you didn't open at least one box!

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When you open them, inspect every cabinet to make sure what was on the invoice is what got shipped.

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Yeah! I'd have peeked for sure.

drbeanie2000 - baby Keira made her appearance just before noon here today. 7 lbs, 12 oz, 20 inches and just beautiful! Mom and baby are doing well.

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Welcome to the world baby Keira!

They started installing the cabinets this morning. The top drawer in the drawer bases is suppose to be slab. One base cabinet, the trash bin and sink base have slab drawer.

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Now those are pretty! What are they? I don't expect you'll have any trouble getting the right drawers, but what a pain to have to wait however long it will take. Probably not less than 2 weeks and likely more. Have you decided on hardware? What are you doing with the floor?

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The cabinets are Medallion Cabinets. The door style is Carlisle. It is in the silver line but they didn't have that door style in the higher lines so I upgraded the boxes to plywood and full extension - soft close drawers. The color is Amaretto with Ebony Highlights.

I called about the top drawer fronts and they are ordering them Monday.

The floor is going to be vinyl wood planks.

End of week 2 pictures...

The flooring store has a crackle tile that is a little more creamier that I think I'm going to go with than the Rixi Crema. The mosaic will be 3 rows instead of 4 rows.

Wall paint color

Trim and ceiling color

Drawer pulls

Door pulls

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I love your color scheme. Can't wait to see more!

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That is really pretty!! In that first photo, I thought the cabinets looked a little like cardboard!!


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Sherrie Moore

Looks beautiful. Love all the colors you have picked out!!

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