Miele and RemoteVision

adamdocOctober 21, 2013

Hi all - we purchased a Miele Futura Diamond dishwasher, and like it so far, but I am a little confused about this RemoteVision. My impression was that it was included, but now it seems the unit is newly listed as only being "RemoteVision Capable", requiring the purchase of a $149 module to make it work. This feature is hardly make or break, but this news is a little annoying. Does anyone have experience with this model and RemoteVision? Was my unit supposed to come with it?



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It's optional, not only for dishwashers but for washing machines and refrigerators as well. It allows them to do diagnostics and updates. Don't recall anyone getting it and posting on how it was working as it's relatively new.

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I have the Diamond as well, so I would be interested in the answer to the question.

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This is such a good question and timely as I'm about to get 5-year warranty ($249) for my new washer/dryer.

First I posted that someone should call them, then I figured I might as well ask now since I need to do it anyway.

So here's the deal -- and it's pretty good.

For the same $249 5-year warranty from Miele there is a package that includes the remote vision module at essentially no cost.

That needs to be put into the slot in the back of the machine and there's a light that needs to go on to verify. Then it requires a wifi password to set up. Hopefully it doesn't turn out to be a PITA. I still have questions on that.

RV essentially is an online diagnostic that alerts them to faults, power outages etc. They say they call customers when they get the alerts. It can be self-installed or they can install it for a flat fee (but the customer must ask for the flat fee). The Remove Vision group confirmed the flat fee and gave me a reference number so it's in the system when I'm ready.

This is also available for dishwashers -- I asked specifically. But I'm not sure on warranty length for a DW -- that should be checked.

Anyone who's getting a new machine and going for the warranty might want to consider buying the RV package and having it all installed at once. Pulling out a heavy washer or dw is sort of a big deal for me though perhaps not for others.

Refrigerators also have this but the install is more complicated and requires a service call/done at time of installation.

Interesting that when I asked my dealer about RV he when I purchased my washer/dryer earlier in the year he didn't have much info. That's because they wanted to sell me their own warranty which costs more than Miele's. So watch out for that.

Anyone buying a new Miele DW should know about this option. Laundry and Appliances forum know about purchasing the warranty direct (must be done within 1 year of date of purchase of appliance) but not about the RV package deal.

A big thanks to adamdoc!

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Wow and thanks - guess I missed this deal along the way as our Miele is pushing 4 out of 5 on the warranty.
I also thought we had remote but found out we didn't

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Rococogurl, I am of the understanding that the extended warranty contracts were $249/machine, so about $500 for both the washer and dryer. I also couldn't find the information about the remote vision package that your post indicates. I do see it for sale for $149.

I'm in the US. Are you in Canada?

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Remote Vision is an add on module at extra cost for all miele appliances that accept it. It has always been that way.

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That is how it looks to me too Xedos, but Rococogurl indicates otherwise. I am wondering if there is a promotion that is not on the web site that she is privy to.

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enduring - that's not what rococogurl is saying.

WHat she's saying is that Miele is now playing let's make a deal with regard to how their add on service and accessories are sold.

The module is still a separate item in it's own box that needs to be installed and set up by a service tech or appliance installer. It's still not "included" in price of , nor does it ship with the appliance.

Rococogurl is saying that in her market ( IF ) you buy Miele's extended warranty they have a promotion that gives you the RemoteVision module for what was the same cost of just the warranty a month (or two or six) ago. The RV module still doesn't come inside the appliance and still costs additional $$$ to get even if it's "free".

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Gosh, I have been afraid to open this thread. I was worried the appliance executives might be able to watch me doing housework in my bathrobe, or worse. Had no idea it only applied to remote diagnostics. Carry on.

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Xedos thanks for your response, yet that doesn't quite answer my question. Let me restate:

I realize that the remote vision is an add on. I did not get it when I got my machines this summer and had them installed this past month. Now when I read this post by Rococogurl it sounds as if with this statement...

"So here's the deal -- and it's pretty good.

For the same $249 5-year warranty from Miele there is a package that includes the remote vision module at essentially no cost.

...that there is a promotion of some sort that I am not aware of. I have been planning on buying the 5 year warranty for each of my machines, and would love to take advantage of this offer, if there is an offer. Yet there is no offer on the web site. That is why I asked if she lives in Canada. In the past Canadians have been offered a 10 year warranty where we in the USA did not have that opportunity (my understanding).

I'll go ask Rococogurl over on the Laundry forum too. There was a thread that she linked this thread to, thats how I found this thread.

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When I purchased my washer and dryer earlier this year I asked about the Remote Vision module which was an add-on at $149 per machine. My dealer told me the RV option let Miele monitor the machine online. I was aware their fridges had this capability. It's now also available for a dishwasher -- hence the OP's original question.

I am about to buy the 5-year warranties for my machines, which are expensive (why I've been waiting). But the OP's post made me wonder: if I buy a Remote Vision module, what is the intersection between those and the warranty? Why should I spend $800 to provide Miele with statistics I may never need? It made no sense.

So I called Miele. They explained that the module and warranty can be purchased separately BUT they also had a Remote Vision "package" that bundles them for $249 -- price of the warranty. I specifically asked if that meant the cost of the module was included in the warranty and the answer was "yes."

I am in NY and believe I was speaking with the east coast call center. There is another on the west coast (no idea at all about Canada). In the past, I've had different information depending on where I called, the subject, and even who I spoke to. This time, I was transferred to the "Remote Vision group" but the info on the package came from the warranty folks.

I didn't know about this and had never seen it mentioned anywhere else. I posted about it as I thought it seemed like a good deal if you have wifi, which I do.

I've been a journalist most of my life so I have the inconvenient habit of calling to determine facts. These days with so much information being marketing or pr vs hard core fact-based, l call multiple times to ask the same questions.

I have more calls to make. I need to know more about installation and what happens if the diagnostics they get don't mesh with what's happening. But I'm about to purchase two 5-year warrantys and this may be a good deal, which is rare.

I've never heard from/of anyone who has this set up. I've never seen a post about it here, even with all the Miele owners and the 4 different appliances it covers.

I don't think Miele has the sharpest marketing and information services. Two of us recently put together a washer cheat sheet because their user manual is so impenetrable.

My interest is getting the best possible service and the longest best-price warranty. The package would appear to provide that. But it's uncharted water from what I can determine. I have more calls to make. I urge others to do the same.

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"what happens if the diagnostics they get don't mesh with what's happening. "

OMG - no one wants to even think about that scenario happening !

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Personally, I'm not so sure that I want to be connecting up my appliances, thermostat, etc. to the Internet. The benefits to me seem negligible and may just end up making one's home network more vulnerable to intrusion. That and I am not really trusting of what type of information that these companies may be really gathering.

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Well exactly xedos. I don't want someone in San Diego to tell me diagnostics says nothing is wrong when I'm sitting here unable to wash the towels.

"That and I am not really trusting of what type of information that these companies may be really gathering."
@pgraceman - they are gathering it anyway. There is a diagnostic chip even in older appliances that gives them operational metrics. My 6 y.o. oven has one.

I personally don't care if anyone knows how many hot washes I'm doing. And I expect hackers have more lucrative targets than washing machine or dishwasher data. But another question to ask.

My concern is having the thing hooked up and then getting 10,000 emails I don't want or having something happen that escapes the diagnostics, as I've said.

Why more questions are in order. But if it comes with the dinner and doesn't cause any future problems, it might be great. If not, it always can be uninstalled.

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I'm not worried about diagnostics. Though, if companies have a way to gather data on your usage and habits, they surely will try to do so. They might even sell that data to others. Then it becomes a privacy issue, much like such issues with Google, Facebook, etc.

What concerns me more is that these Internet devices may provide a means for a hacker to introduce viruses or malware into a home network. Maybe the hacker just wants to harass you or cause some physical damage. Imagine someone turning the heat off at the thermostat while you are out of town during a cold snap. Are these appliance/tv/thermostat manufacturers concerned about security? Maybe some are, but many won't worry about it until it becomes a problem that consumers get upset about.

Personally, I am going to hold off on the "bleeding edge" of technology for now. If some company needs diagnostic information on my appliance to resolve a problem that I am experiencing, they can send a tech with a gadget to read it.

Here is a link that might be useful: On the Lookout: New Hacker Threats

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Good point pgraceman. It will be interesting to see if anyone reports in who actually has this.

My house is not smart enough to have the furnace hooked up LOL.

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