Rachiele Copper Sinks

martyphilpotOctober 9, 2012

Have any of you all chosen a Rachiele copper sink for your kitchen? They look fantastic, but are, understandably, quite expensive. This decision will drive what type of countertop I choose (love soapstone or marble). Any help would be oh-so-gratefully received!

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I have a copper sink (that I love), but not a Rachiele. Are you open to another brand, ie is the copper the important piece and the expense is putting you off? Or are you just wondering about copper in general?

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I have two copper sinks but neither one is Rachiele. One is an apron sink and they are both hammered. Plumbing was just installed so haven't had time to use them much yet but LOVE their look.
I know there are at least a few on GW that have the Rachiele sinks with custom front apron patinas.

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I have a Rachiele 30" Apron-front Sink with weathered patina. Matched it with Cambria Dovedale quartz countertop. It is kinda like marble but with caramel veining instead of grey.

I got mine before the smart sink option was available.

What did you want to know?

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I have two Rachiele sinks. My main sink is a 36" copper farmhouse with a fire & ice patina on the apron and my prep sink is an 18" copper. My counters are Magma Supreme granite and they look great together.

I agonized over the price of the sinks but I've been thrilled with them. One of my favorite things in the new kitchen. I don't have to baby them and they're so easy to clean.

Anything specific you want to know?

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I have a Rachiele smart sink with rustic patina. Not installed yet but it's beautiful.

IMHO, a copper sink really drives the countertop choice if you get one with a special patina from Rachielle. I'm not sure I'd do that over again if I knew then what I know now. I think I'd go with just plain copper. I'm struggling finding the right countertop. Wood would be perfect but that then calls for painted cabs which DH doesn't want, blah, blah, blah.....

Yes, what was your exact question?

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Well, the OP never came back with their exact question, but I'm wondering about these too. My question would be: are they worth the premium? Deedles, you said they are a special patina, different from 'just plain copper'. Are you still thinking it doesn't much matter?

I'm looking for just a vessel sink for a bathroom, not a full-blown farmhouse sink. Seems to me it's not really a big deal what you get for quick hand-washing ... am I missing something?

Any wisdom anyone cares to add to the copper-sink contemplation? I confess I'm just in it for the looks: I think they're beautiful. But I'm readily willing to believe I have it all wrong and there's tons to know and I don't know it. Please, share away if anyone still will?

I do love looking through Rachiele's website. He seems quite the character?

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Just for the record and so no one gets irked I didn't search first, here's a great thread about copper sinks from March 12

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