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localeaterOctober 8, 2012

I saw that you have a low wall separating you DR from your LR. How high did you make this wall?

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Hi localeater - our wall is 24" off the DR floor. There are two stairs down into the LR, so the wall seems a bit taller in the LR.

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Thanks Sochi, I knew you had the two steps down and that was actually why I asked you, our situations are the same in that regard.
I have 2 steps down, separating our dining area from our sunroom. The two steps equate to 6 inches. The spaces are currently separated by a balustrade which is 36 inches tall. I am going to replace existing railing(after the kitchen is done and my husband has recovered) and was thinking about making it lower.
Do you ever feel like your kids will fly over the top of the wall? Wait how old are your kids, are they girls or boys? I have 11 and 13 year old boys who have been know to climb up the pegs that protrude from our post and beam structure - so anything that can be climbed on, will be climbed on eventually. I just try to find things that won't break when they are climbed on and won't result in concussion, or spinal cord trauma(i am ok with routine broken bones, they've inured me- LOL)

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localeater - I have a girl and a boy, 8 and 5 years old respectively. My son does like to climb and routinely does climb onto the wall. He hasn't fallen yet, and if he did I doubt that it would result in major trauma! :) We do have a couch on the other side of the wall that would cushion a fall.

Our wall has quite a thick top to it, 7" wide. This makes it almost like a bench, which was intended for extra seating at parties, etc. It also makes it pretty sturdy for little boys to climb on.

Good luck with your decision and with the boys! They certainly keep us busy!

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Thanks again.

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