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CT_NewbieOctober 5, 2013

Hi! I brought home a sample of Princess White which they called a granite (in other places online, I've seen it called a quartzite). It is polished. We might have had a slight preference for honed. I tested red wine, red wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, spaghetti sauce and lime on the polished side for a few hours. While the polished side wiped clean, some of the red wine ran down the side. That part stained.

Is that normal since the cut on the side is "unfinished" and I would have the countertop sealed? Or is the side part, the same as honed and likely to be a concern? I hear that most quarries put some sort of resin on the stone before selling it to the stone yard. Is that why the polished side did not stain? Also, is staining the same as etching or literally, is there a groove in the stone with etching.

I will also reapply the food and leave it overnight and see how the stone does. Will also try the glass test once DH has finished a bottle of beer. However, the sample was clearly cut so there isnt really a jagged edge. I'd like to know if it is really more like a slightly harder marble than a granite. The other stone we were considering was White Fantasy which was called a quartzite

Anything else I should try?

Thank you for your thoughts

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I can't speak to the staining on the side of the stone but if the top did not etch with vinegar & lime juice, it doesn't sound like your stone is marble. I recently did a similar test (red wine, vinegar, ketchup, mustard, orange slices) with several different marble samples (honed & polished Danby & Calacatta) and they all etched very quickly. Staining is not the same as etching. Etching is almost colorless. The etch marks on the polished pieces appear whiter than the marble and feel slightly rough. I'm not sure if I can feel them on the honed marble. Sealers will not prevent etching on marble. I'd feel good about your test results.

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Thank you Romy! Much appreciated, I am retesting and leaving them over night just to be sure.

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Fori is not pleased

Bang it! Some stones will get little divots where you drop keys, or whiten in spots that get banged. So take a hammer or a different stone sample and ding it, right on top. See if it still looks okay.

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I'd slide something heavy across it, like a Le Crueset pot/pan or a cast-iron pan. See what marks, if any, are left and if you can live with them.

Also do a coffee or tea test (whichever you drink): put a mug with coffee/tea on the bottom on the stone sample and leave overnight. See how much of a ring is left, whether it fades, and how easy it is to clean up.

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Thank you! Great ideas

One other question. I tried to cut a glass bottle with the edge and it didn't really scratch it (unlike the post where the quartzite easily cut it.) Should I be concerned? Is granite supposed to be able to cut the glass? I vaguely remember another post which I can't find which said the Princess White was more like a hard marble/soft granite vs a true granite. I guess that's where the banging tests come in.


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I think if I banged my old formica with a hammer, I could have done some damage. Maybe Karen Mt will see your post and give her opinion. I think it is supposed to scratch the glass if it a quartzite/granite. If it didn't etch with vinegar & a slice of lime, it's not a true marble. Polished marble etches almost instantly.

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