triple bowl sink vs one large sink

chrisk_2010October 7, 2010

I used to have a triple bowl sink in my former home and loved it - one bowl for washing dishes, one for air drying them and the small middle bowl for washing veg etc. I am remodeling my current kitchen that has a double sink and wonder - triple bowl or one large sink? Is there enough room in a large sink to hold a dish pan, a drying rack and room to wash veg/hands? Thoughts?

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Although I haven't officially finished my kitchen, we have had our new large single bowl sink functional for a couple of weeks. I used to have a double bowl.

And, I will NEVER EVER go back! I love, love, love the single bowl. There is plenty of room to put large items, with space left over.

I can't believe how much easier and more functional a single bowl is. No negatives whatsoever.

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laura mcleod

I have the singe bowl Stages 45 and totally love it. It is probably my favorite thing from our remodel. I dry dishes on the "shelf" (sometimes with a rack and sometimes without.) I went with 2 faucets so hubby can wash vegetables while I fill pasta pot - I also love that I can fit really large items in the single bowl like fridge drawers, lampshades that need to be cleaned, small dogs ;-) etc..

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I'm in the unique position of having both right now. I hate the tripple...not one is big enough to wash a saint dane in, let alone a little coton de'tulear (fuzz ball dog). Big pots are a pain to wash, and cookie sheets...yuck!!! We will yank it out and put in a huge single sink like we have in alaska at 33" wide and 12" deep. I wash small families in that sink...and cookie sheets LOL

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I had a triple bowl in my kitchen and loved it, but hubby didn't. When he scraped dishes into the garbage disposal (small center sink), he sloshed food on both of the other sides of the sink, as well. I didn't have that problem and asked him to be more careful to no avail. We have a second kitchen in the basement and he does the same thing with that double bowl sink, so I don't think getting rid of the triple bowls will get rid of the problem! and... the husband is worth keeping :) Our new kitchen (presently remodeling, granite being cut today!!!!) will have the largest Franke doule bowl sink available under the window with a second fairly decent size single bowl Blancoprecis Silgranit sink in the island. The Franke sink, with 2 bowls, will take up the space of my former triple bowl sink. I'm anticipating that this combination will work well for us.

I almost went with one large single bowl as my main sink, after reading how everyone loves theirs on this forum. Then I thought about our routines and dish-washing style. I have a lot of things that can't go in the dishwasher and I like to drain them into the sink instead of on the counter so they can't be seen when one walks into the kitchen. I decided to stick with divided bowls.

Good luck on your decision making. Everyone works their own way in the kitchen, so base your decision on what works best for you!

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we have the frankie oceania single bowl and tho i was considering a double, like others, i would never ever go back. everything fits in there and it has an integrated ledge for the drainer. we had runnels carved into our soapstone for a dedicated drying area. love love love the large single bowl. From Kitchen Reno

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Just curious, chrisk, what did you decide?

I didn't answer your post when you first posted, as my kitchen remodel is still in the planning stages, so I would not have been able to speak from any personal experience. I know I am in the (vast!) minority, but I am planning on a triple bowl sink for the reasons you like yours. I will not have a separate prep sink, either, so I felt like this was the best solution.

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I love my 1.75 sink. It has a full size bowl on the right with inside dimensions of 20.5" X 15". The bowl on the left fits our drain basket and has inside dimensions of 12.5" x 15".

I must admit I do have another sink that we call the garden sink . . . it is a 4' wide single bowl console sink. We mainly use it for washing up garden veggies, henhouse eggs, filling mop buckets, washing paint trays. We don't use it to wash dishes or pots and pans. Even cookie sheets I tend to wash from the main 1.75 sink.

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I replaced a triple bowl with a triple bowl, so I guess you know my vote. I thought about a large single bowl, but in the end I realized that the old triple bowl worked great for us for reasons you describe. You can be in the middle of dishes in both large sinks and still have a fully functional sink in the middle.

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Another triple fan here. It just fits the way that I cook and that we live.

My center compartment serves as my prep sink area and is always available. Plus I've always got something in the draining side.

Be careful with sizes though, the measurements are taken at the biggest point and those with the curved bowls are in reality smaller than you'd think. I went with the Elkay ELUH4020 which has the main bowls as truer rectangles. The main compartment is 14x18 inside measurement.

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Although my kitchen is not yet completely finished......LOVE MY NEW KRAUS large single bowl. (kitchen is creamy white cabs with marble) I've had single years before and a double bowl just prior. Of course pros and cons to both. If you're in between the two I'd say go for 'the look' you are trying to obtain. To me..Single is simple, traditional and classic and seems more 'recently updated' (goes with the marble). Double is more recent, 80's -90's practical yet not as refined. Then again, maybe I'm just partial to the 'new' single bowl since I had to live with my last kitchen which was in need of a remodel way too long....It was a double bowl with light blue (yes, light powder blue) laminate countertops-yuck!
What look are you going for? Do what makes you happy!

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I have to admit...I keep coming back to this post just to ogle Laura's hardware!

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I decided on the Kohler triple bowl stainless sink. It is huge! 2 large bowls, both 7-1/2" deep and a center bowl 5-1/2" deep. That way, I'll have the one on the left to wash dishes I don't put in the DW, one on the right to drain those dishes, and the center one for washing hands, veg, all else! It is bought and stored in the garage until installation. I will post a picture when it is installed.

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We have a really large single bowl (32" wide x 18" front to back x 10" deep) and I LOVE it. Anything can be washed in that sink - cookie sheets, soup pots,roasting pans, grates from the cooktop, or even a toddler. We had a 2 part sink in the old house and I didn't like it nearly as well (particularly when washing cookie sheets). I do keep a dishpan under the sink and bring it out when I want to wash/rinse glassware or do other small hand washables. The sink is stainless and the builder had it made in one piece with the counter tops on either side made of the same material. GREAT sink!

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This is my new triple bowl sink. I love it!

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Hey, chrisk, I tried to check out your sink, but I get a message from flickr saying it's "private"...

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judydel, Other than the garden sink do you know who made this sink and if there is a model number or name on it.

I thought the triple or double would be nice but the reasons mentioned here for the single bowl are making me rethink my decision. It would be great having a sink that could fit cookie sheet, pots & pans that do not fit, and trying to clean fridge drawers & shelves.

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I have a Kohler and the 2 side bowls are large enough for me. I like the middle bowl (where the disposal is) so when I dump down something sort of icky and there are other dishes in the sink they don't get goopy.

BTW, I made my picture public.

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