Soapstone sources in Boston?

marcoloOctober 25, 2012


Teixeira is a no-go, because I have...issues with their local distributor.

Dorado doesn't have any samples of the Duro they recommended.

Alberene has the ideal stone for me (Church Hill)...but stopped mining it for now.

Who has the best selection of soapstone around here? As discussed in my Ray Liotta thread, I'm looking for something:

- Hard (4-5)

- Dark

- Quiet (not veiny)

Any ideas?

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We live in central MA, but had Dave Brushett of Central New England Soapstone fabricate our slab of Minas (which subsequently is too soft...but that's for another thread). He was super knowledgable and seemed to have connections to suppliers in Pennsylvania as well as other states. They travel all over New England.
Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Central NE SS

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Thanks, jalsy6. Never heard of them before. Where are they located? Where is "central New England?" VT/NH border??

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I think they're actually out of upstate New York. But they're originally from Barre, Ma...really nice guy and his two grown sons Benjamin and...hmm, can't think of the other one's name. I got their name from Dorado when the fabrication quote from their "inside guy" (aka the owner's brother) came back way out of my ballpark. I called Dave, told him what I could afford, and he made it happen for me. I would otherwise not have soapstone.

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Marcolo- have you visited both Marble and Granite and Boston Granite? The are not fabricators but suppliers. Huge warehouses with lots of soapstone at both. The salespeople are very flexible and will help you or leave you alone as much as you want.

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I saw gorgeous soapstone at Cumar in Everett. Several different varieties some non veiny

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Marcolo, have you considered Sheldon Slate as opposed to soapstone. It meets all your criteria and has a very similar look. The embedded image shows sink and drainboard but is commonly used for countertops where I live.

Traditional Kitchen design by Portland Maine Architect Whitten Architects

Here is a link that might be useful: Sheldon Slate

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A second for Central NE Soapstone. Dave is located on a farm/shop on NYS on the border. Jaw dropping view there of the Adirondacks, Green Mountains, and Berkshires. But he travels -- the job before mine in NYS was on the Cape. I called and explained what I was looking for (not wildly different from you although I was ok with some green), and he told me what he had and what he could get. Since it was easier for me to get to his location than to wander around New England looking at slabs, he brought in a few that sounded like they might work. One did. He had no name on that slab, but the hardness came in just under 4 and it wasn't super busy.

He'll also install Sheldon Slate, although Sheldon Slate fabricates.

They turned up the day after the cabs were installed, Dave on his motorcycle and one of his sons and another guy on the truck. They templated and then fabricated in the driveway.

Here is a link that might be useful: cent ne soapstone

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secondhalf--I have visited one, not the other yet. The weather hasn't been cooperating on days when I get a chance to make hourlong road trips.

localeater--It's the scratch thing. I can't deal with it. I don't mind scratches that end up the same color as the rest of the counter, like an oiled soapstone scratch, but light colored scratches drive me insane.

Does Dave send samples? I should drop him an email. Maybe after the Frankenstorm.

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I know you said "no" to M. Tex, but they have slate for $7/sq foot right now. It is on their site.

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ditto on
they have their inventory online w/ pricing.
they're always getting new arrivals in
they ordered my honed Danby slabs from VT when I needed them
they brought out the 5 slabs for me to choose my actual 2 slabs, instead of just the next 2 closest to the outside.

good luck,

Here is a link that might be useful: click on

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Dorado actually has several varieties of soapstone that would seem to meet your requirements. We recently purchased a couple of slabs of Beleza which is hard and rather dark. They have a couple of others that are darker (Noire, Indigo). We used the location in Shrewsbury MA. That center doesn't have samples, but the headquarters location in Colorado will send you a set of samples for $20 that you can order from their website. They show up quickly and give you an idea of the stone, but each slab has a character of its own so you really should go to the stoneyard.

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But steer clear of Dorado's fabricator and use Dave Brushett. Huge difference in quote (like $900 for my 30 sf of Minas).

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I was just reading reviews on Angies list and the central NE reviews made me wish I was getting soapstone! Maybe next time, too dark for this house. No reviews on the fabricator that has my granite in their yard though.

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Dave Brushett also installed my soapstone. Back then he worked with Dorado but I don't think he does anymore. I also went through Central NE. He and his son did a great job. I also have a minus (medium minus). Turquoise veins and on the soft side.

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If I could buy directly from M. Tex I would do so. But their distributor kept me waiting literally months for a cabinet quote, and months for a sample of Belvedere, often simply refusing to reply to emails. When they called me last week, I think, about the cabinetry I asked where my Belvedere sample was. I was told to call the other person in the office who handles soapstone. Right. Keep a customer waiting for months while you focus on your charity projects and children's school schedule, then tell them it's their job to babysit reminders for the person who sits at the next desk from you? No thanks.

I got the sample kit from Dorado. The Noire arrived broken. They suggested the Duro but nobody can send me a sample.

I will try CNE.

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