what to do with tall narrow space?

michoumonsterOctober 17, 2012

hi all,

i have a space next to my planned wall oven cabinet that I need to figure out what to do with. here is my layout, with the space in question circled in blue.

basically, the wall oven cabinet will protrude from the wall 8 to 10 inches, so I need to, at the minimum, cover the exposed side with an end panel. But, because the wall next to the oven is 20 inches thick, i can add a narrow, shallow storage area to this dead space, but not sure what would be useful or look good.

Is there anything I can use in this space besides filler or an end panel? I would love some clever storage ideas! thank you!

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How many inches wide and deep is the black rectangle you've circled? How tall? Is it wide enough to do a pull-out spice rack? Or if it's tall, can you do a tall, narrow "spice pantry"?

Is it deep enough for sheet pans and rectangular baking dishes to be stored the narrow way, like books on a shelf?

Or can you instead add a storage area at a 90 degree angle to the current black circled rectangle--meaning up against the 20" thick wall and protruding out to the same depth as your wall ovens, instead of at a right angle to that wall? That would give you a larger space.

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An 8 or 9 deep closet is a great space. If I am understanding correctly you can have a shallow cabinet, 20"x8"xceiling height. Why not put a cabinet with 2 doors and a space to hang a broom/dustpan, swiffer, flashlight, plus some shelves to store extra paper towels, etc...

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Hi madeline and localeater,
here is a pic of the 20 inch wide wall. the wall oven would but up against this wall and stick out 8 or 9 inches.

should I take the full 20 inches of space next to the doorway? i was thinking i should leave a little room between cabinets and doorways, no? if i leave 8 inches of space to the doorway, the max width i could do is 12 inches wide and the depth would be 8 or 9 inches.
is that still wide enough?

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I'm pining for a cabinet 12 inches wide and 8 or 9 inches deep! I'd put a door on the front and have lots of short shelves behind it, for canned goods and canisters of dried beans. Those narrow shelves mean you'd never lose anything at the back. Of course, it could be a handy broom closet as well.

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Hi Michou,

I think I see now. I agree, since it's an arched door opening, it wouldn't look quite right to have a cabinet going right up to the opening. I think you're right in planning some buffer space, like 8".

So, you have a 12" wide cabinet that's 8-9" deep, the height of the rest of the cabinets.

It's still just barely wide enough to do what Loaleater suggested. You could store a Swiffer and a mop or another tall item like those lightbulb changer pole things.

You could also make it into a shallow pantry, for spices, canned goods, etc.

Since it's next to the oven, you could have an upper cabinet, a lower cabinet, and a drawer or even an open shelf at the level of the countertop for potholders, which I'm always fumbling for when I'm reaching into the oven.

You could make it a shallow closet full of shelves for storage of all your folded kitchen towels.

You could have a shallow closet full of hooks for utility type things like dustpan and brush, etc. and shelves for cleaning products.

Or you could use the hooks for ladles and other cooking utensils.

So what type of items are you in need of more storage space for?

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How about a bookshelf for your recipe books? I have one that's 9" deep (inside measurement) and I love it! Only problem is, I've filled it up. Mine was made to solve a problem similar to yours: we had a little extra space on the other side of the frig, so the KD suggested the bookshelf.

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take a look at what Plllog did near her over cab. She has a tall narrow can for pitchers and cookbooks on one side and a narrow tall spice pullout on the other

Here is a link that might be useful: Plllog's kitchen reveal

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I agree with Madeline it is all about what you need the space for. Have you planned out your storage yet? What are you a little worried about? What's your drop zone situation, maybe you need a charging cabinet? Here are some images to get you thinking....

Traditional Kitchen design by Philadelphia Kitchen And Bath TRS Designs, Inc (Kitchens, Baths, & More)

Traditional Kitchen design by Minneapolis Design-build Edgework Builders, Inc.

Asian Kitchen design by San Francisco Design-build Harrell Remodeling

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repac, i like the bookshelf idea, and I do need to plan storage for cookbooks. usually i need the cookbooks for when i bake, so it would come in handy next to the oven also. but DH says i shouldn't display my cookbooks since most of my recipes are in nasty binders with clippings spilling out all over. lol! so maybe i will need to opt for bookshelves with doors.

lalitha, thanks for the pics of pllog's kitchen. she has some good ideas, so i wil have to study it more carefully.

madeline and localeater, thanks so much for all of the ideas! it definitely gives me lots of food for thought! i think i have to go through and inventory everything soon before i put in my cabinet order.

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