Cabinet Dimension Spec Sheet - Do I have this right?

autumn.4October 13, 2013

The KD ran off a copy of the spec sheet for me for drawer depths, etc.. I am sorry if this is a ridiculous question but I am not positive I am reading it right. These are medallion framed cabinets. I attached a picture of it below.

On the bottom - there are the 3 and 4 drawer base cabs. So the arrow for the top drawer looks to me like it's measuring the inside dimension which is what I am looking for. So the top drawer is measuring 4 1/2". Based upon the picture I am thinking it is 4 1/2" of USABLE space within the face frame.

But then I look at the top where I highlighted and at the right it shows Drawer Opening Height with a range (is that weird?) and then on the right corresponding Drawer Box Height. So is that meaning that the 4 1/2" on the below diagram is corresponding to a 2 1/2" usable interior? That is not very tall at all. If that is indeed the case I'm kind of disappointed I guess. Is that a normal size?

One more Medallion question:
Does anyone know how much the upcharge is for Medallion Silverline to be painted a custom paint color? I am not really liking the divinity or the white icing. I really like the Shiloh Soft White - doesn't read yellow. I don't want stark white but I also don't want a soft white with a yellow undertone. I was toying with having them use BM White Dove but cost is an issue. I am ready to make a choice and move on from it! DH is more comfortable with framed cabs and I really am fine with either.

I had originally quoted Shiloh and Diamond and then decided I needed one more quote and ended up with Medallion. I don't have spec sheets for Shiloh (Diamond is out due to the KD). I am curious if the specs between cabinet lines are similar.

Thank you in advance for any light you can shed on this for me.

If you click the picture it is a little larger.

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I think I figured it out! The opening height as pictured is from the bottom of the top rail to the top of the bottom rail, so the size of the opening you will see if you remove the drawer.

They appear to make only 4 different size drawer boxes. So if you have an opening in the listed range on the left, then they attach your drawer front to the corresponding box on the right.

So you may end up with a short drawer box, but with some additional useable space between the edges of the drawer and the rail above, so it would accommodate slightly taller objects depending on the actual size of the opening.

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I don't have Medallion but I do have framed cabinets. My drawer stacks are all 3 drawer stacks. I just went and measured the opening for my top drawer and it is 4-1/2 inches from the top of the bottom rail to the bottom of the top rail. The drawer box sides measure 3-1/2 inches high on the outside but depth inside is only 2-3/4 because of the thickness of the drawer bottom.
All this is to say there is not a lot of usuable space in the top drawer of my 3 drawer stacks. Williamsem is correct something slightly taller than the box sides could be put in the drawer but only slightly taller.

My two bottom drawers in the stack have approx. a 9-1/4 inch opening with 8-1/4 inch drawers sides and an inside depth of approx. 7-1/2 inches.

I keep spices and flat ware and utensils in my shallow top drawers. My deeper drawers have pots/pans, mixing bowls and bakeware, dishtowels/hotpads, tupperware and things like foil, baggies and plastic wrap.

I am glad I do not have any 4 drawer stacks. The drawers would be too shallow for me.

All the experts are right you do lose inches of storage with framed cabinets.

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I would go look at samples of those drawers - those top drawers seem really shallow. Bring along a ladle or other larger utensil you might want to put in them, to see if the drawer will close.

I have 3-drawer stacks, from a custom cabinet maker. I specified that the useable height of the bottom drawers be 10-1/2", so I could use one for canisters of sugar, flour, etc, and the other for cake and pie pans on their sides. The best way to determine if the drawers you're looking at are deep enough is to measure the things you want to put there.

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In my original I had all 3 drawer stacks but had her add one 4 drawer thinking it would be best for bags/wraps and dish towels/trivets but now I'm thinking maybe not.

I will definitely have to go back with a couple utensils and my tape measure.

The 4 drawer stack I have right now I really like. It is very roomy and it's the only drawer stack here (rental) period. There is another drawer above a door that is really shallow - it looks like it had a pull out cutting board or something (that has since been painted shut) above it. The utensils are continually getting jammed up in there and it is over 3" deep so if the usable drawer box is only 2 1/2" then YIKES. I can't imagine much of anything fitting in there!

Thanks ladies.


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