Range by wall in corner of kitchen

blakeasOctober 5, 2012

Please see attached - I have revised the kitchen again and have put the stove in the corner as option A. This gives me the L for alot of counter space. Option B is to put the range on the L.

Which is better for usability and resale?

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Option B

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L with range

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My last kitchen had a layout similar to Option A with the range in the corner, a few feet of counter space, sink, a few more feet of counter space, and then another large section (not as big as your L though) several feet away. I found that the section of counter between the sink and range was where I wanted to put everything and I rarely used the large empty section of countertop that was separate. So option B looks better to me, with the caveat that I don't understand how the two sections are laid out and I am a total kitchen design novice.

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You have zero landing space to the left of the range in Option A. Not only will it be cramped for you and for your cookware, it could be dangerous.

Option B, hands down.

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here is an overall floorplan - with range in corner. But gives a good idea of what my space can handle

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Exactly what hsw_sc said: Option B hands down. Option A crams all of the appliances in one area without sufficient counter space. And then there is a great deal of counter space near the peninsula area, but it's far away from your range and your sink. In option B, at least you have a good amount of counter space near both the range and the sink. You could consider putting a small prep sink in the peninsula with option B.

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Sophie Wheeler

NONE of the above.

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I agree with Holly. We must be able to find you a better layout. Why don't you post a "Request for layout" thread, following the instructions in the "New to Kitchens?" thread to guide you?

The first thing that struck me was that you should have counters across that window. Then you could arrange a more suitable workspace, I am pretty sure. If the window is too low for a counter, you could put a slightly smaller window in.

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I posted another option for you on your other thread ("Flip Up Countertop Ideas?"). I posted there b/c you get followups on that thread but you do not on this thread.

I've linked the other thread below...

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread: Flip Up Countertop ideas?

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I thought about it, and I think it makes more sense to post it here b/c this is the thread where you're asking for comments...so here is a repeat of what I posted on the Flip Up thread:


Are you open to other options? How about something like this? It has...

  • Plenty of counter space in the right places:

    • 54" of workspace in the primary Prep Zone - between the range and corner prep sink

    • Over 60" on the peninsula plus the corner plus 25" or so over the DW for the Cleanup Zone

    • Or, that 60" on the peninsula could be a secondary Prep Zone

    • 20" or so of landing space to the left of the range....it could also be a small work space or a place to hold utensils, potholders, etc.

A view out the window in the primary Prep Zone where most people spend most of their time or a view to the Breakfast Nook if using the secondary Prep Zone. Well protected Cooking and primary Prep Zones Separation of the Cleanup Zone from the Prep & Cooking Zones Storage in the right places...upper cabinets for dishes & glasses near the DW, a 24" wide cabinet on the peninsula that could hold silverware and other dishes, 36" wide drawers next to range for pots & pans, etc. Small appliance storage or a small pantry in the corner susan in the peninsula. MW and refrigerator both on the periphery of the work zones so they are easily accessed from the kitchen/cooks as well as the outside/snackers...without those snackers getting in the way of the workers in the kitchen Deeper counters on the sink run to add 3 more inches of space behind the sink
Because of the deeper counters, you can easily have deeper upper cabinets. Those extra 3" (15" deep vs 12" deep) add a surprisingly significant amount of space!
Trash pullout in the Prep Zone and near the Cooking Zone - where the most trash and recyclables are generated and for the longest amount of time

Work Zones....

Or even this? Same comments as above still apply, but it doesn't have quite as much prep space, so I would prefer #1. (Pots & Pans could go in the corner susan on the bottom right.)

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Range or cooktop against a side wall is a building code violation. It must be at least 4" away.

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