Kitchen table placement - suggestions??

Chloe8October 13, 2012

We're working on the layout for our remodel, and I'm currently wondering about the placement for our kitchen table. We have a lot of walkways through the area- door to laundry room/garage, opening to family room, opening to dining room, door to basement stairs, and back door to patio. Plopped into the middle of this is space for a round table. Is this crazy? Here's the layout from the original kitchen, with my notes about locations:

And here are a few photos, with a temporary table in place.

Looking towards family room:

Looking towards kitchen area (dark chairs are about where the island would be):

As an alternative, I'm wondering if we should move the table area toward the angled wall, and have more of a banquette there - although I know that there are pros & cons of that possibility. Here's the angled wall, which would possibly move the table away from some of the traffic patterns:

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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The table will always be in the wrong spot for eating, but it will be in the perfect spot to be the major dumping ground for all kinds of flotsam. I'd open up the wall to the DR and eat all of the meals there. You don't need 3 spaces to eat all within several steps of each other. The island can orient differently with that wall gone and you can use the angled wall for pantry cabinets to be able to put the cooktop on the wall next to the laundry room.

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Thanks for your thoughts, live_wire_oak. DH has been suggesting that as well - the tiny (!) issue is that we just had all of the wood floors refinished in July, and removing the wall would require redoing the floors again! Sigh. But we'll definitely need to think that one through. I'm wondering where the fridge should go if we removed the wall to the dining room? Would it work over on the angled wall?

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