Breezygirl-question for you

michelle16October 19, 2012

I love your kitchen,especially the way the range hood is centered between the windows. I was wondering how you will eventually tile that wall. I have a similar area where my hood is on a wall with nothing else. I'm having a hard time trying to figure out where to start and stop the tile.Or do just the range area or the whole wall.

When you tile your's do you think you will do that entire wall or half way up? thanks for your thoughts.

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Bumping for Breezy.

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Bumping for Breezy

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Hi Michelle. We've been at Disneyland. Just saw your message. Gotta run now, but can answer later father school pickup and running to get the pig.

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Sorry it took me so long to get back to you.

I have always planned on a eurosplash for my range wall. Tile from counter to ceiling, wall to wall. I like clean and simple lines. I didn't want a horizontal line of tile with a second material (paint) above. Too messy for me on that wall, and I'm afraid it would distract from my RC hood.

And before you ask, I have no idea which tile I'm choosing. I haven't looked since my Dad died in May. I just haven't had the mental strength. I've been gearing up to make the long drives to the big city to visit tile stores, but with my recent stack of medical bills and the car breaking down on me Tuesday morning, an expensive tile purchase will have to wait. I plan to pick what I want and then wait, if necessary, to be able to pay for it. It's only been a year with a primed drywall bs. :)

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not to hijack, but breezy if you see this...."running to get the pig" must explain. The visual is priceless.....


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Breezy- thanks so much for your reply.Yes backsplash can def. wait, health and family come first! Hope all is well. I think I am leaning towards the same-tiling the whole wall. I was not happy with the half way up look, when someone was nice enough to photoshop it for me. Thanks for your input and good luck! Michelle

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You're welcome, Michelle.

Bee--as funny as the visual of me chasing a greasy pig is (if you knew about my germ and neatness issues it would be even funnier), what I meant was that I needed to drive an hour to the middle of the set of 'Deliverance' BFE to pick up half an organic, free-range hog I bought from a local farm. The slaughter/meat packers wanted the pig packs out of their freezer and were bugging me during our trip to Disneyland to come get them. I was on my way out the driveway when my car decided it needed $2700 of repair work. $2700. Did I mention the $2700??? There goes my $2700 tile. ((sigh))

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I just came back here today and this is just a hilarious thread. Running to get the pig. Breezy, we grew up raising beef and pork, but usually it was cows that would get out, not pigs. You will want to get a good recipe for a bean soup to go with those hamhocks that should be in your freezer now.

I need to do my backsplash too. Maybe we should virtually shop together for moral support. Too make mine crazier, I am also shopping for a shower and bathroom backsplash!

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