ellendiOctober 18, 2012

What's happening with your kitchen?

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Still waiting on cabinets! It feels like I keep hearing "two weeks". lol

Anyway, supposedly they are coming on the 29th (which is my birthday!!!)

GC has been doing as much as they can on our exterior and some odds and ends as we wait. It's killing me. I'm getting nervous, even though I know I love everything I chose it's hard to believe it will be as great as it is in my head! What if I see it all and say, "Now THAT was a mistake!"
Deep down I know it should be great but I almost wish everything could happen in one day without me seeing it (cabs, counters, lights, window treatments) and I could just walk in for the REVEAL! I think it would be much less stressful.

DH has left all of this to me and I'm also scared he'll hate it all. : ) whoops!

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2 weeks never arrives so glad you have a real date! Can't wait to see that beautiful yellow kitchen (or is that maize - LOL from Michigan)
DH won't hate it - he probably won't even notice it. My DH didn't want anything to do with our kitchen until close to the end - the only things he gave much input on were the negative reveal on the sink (but wish I had done positive) and helping with final colors - with a lot of coaxing.
Hang in there - it is only 11 days away!

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