Please advise: ins wants to reuse granite!

mountaineergirlOctober 2, 2012

Ok, long story short - had a bad water leak, getting new kitchen cabinets. We have 80 Sf of emerald pearl that I paid $8K for 2 yrs ago. The fabricators had a state of the art templating system that gauranteed fit within 1/32 of an inch and it was TIGHT. So now the insurance adjuster is saying we can use the same granite. so the fab people say sure, but I have to sign a waiver that says they are not responsible if a) it breaks b) seam not as good as first install c)doesn't fit new cabinets like old ones. Well I'm not signing that. I have replacement insurance and I just want what I had! So I ask ins agent if they will pay for new granite if I'm not satisfied with installation of old and he says the insurance is not responsible for workmanship of my contractors. So I have to be liable if granite doesn't fit?? that's just not right! Now, ins adjuster said if they cannot remove old granite without it breaking, then yes they will pay for new. so I told him the contractor (GC, not fab people) says that if he removes it, it will break (esp in front of sink area where its thinner) so now ins agent is sending their own contractor for a "second opinion" I don't think this contractor is a granite fabricator, so how the H*ll will he know anything about removing/reinstalling granite?? (sigh)

I guess I'll just wait and see what this guy says before I get all worked up. I really don't see how he can proomise it won't break, much less promise me a perfect fit.

Its only week 3 and I'm sick of dealing with insurance.

On another issue, my 3-yr old Samsung washer and dryer had water standing on top and running down front. I thought it was fine, but 4 times now I've had an error code "5r" which means "control problem, call for service." I told agent I was going to list them on my personal loss list, and he said I need to get repairman to look at it and see if its repairable first. What? at my expense? Anybody with any sense knows that if the electronic controls got wet, it corrodes and will either short out or just stop working over time.

thanks for letting me vent!

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So sorry to hear of your troubles. I wish I had any advise to give, but I don't. Do you have an insurance adjuster?

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Yes I guess I used the term agent a couple times when I meant adjuster. Sorry :(

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Yes. If the electronics got water damage, they can get fried and the machine need repair. It is also possible that one electronic part gets fried and in turn shorts out another. You might wind up replacing, so I'd have someone look at it and let them know what happened.

On the granite, I think you should be able to work things out if you agree to attempt to reuse the granite but not to pay for new counters if they cannot be reused or get broken. In any kitchen and for any fabricator or contractor, it's a definite maybe as to whether it will work. It is reasonable of them to try to reuse, but not to ask you to assume the risk that it might not work.

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Sorry to hear about the water and ins headaches... If it makes you feel any better, our water leak (master bath shower while on vacation) has been a 7 month journey and gut reno of 50% of our house:( moving back in friday...finally!) about the washer/dryer question, just get a repairman out to look at them and write up a report regarding extent of damage and what it would cost to repair them- what we found was if the cost to repair the electronics/rusted areas was more than 50-60% of the replacement cost, they just allowed us to replace the appliances affected. On the personal claim loss, you will then get to claim the units. In addition our ins company also paid for the repairman visit as well as part of the loss. Good luck!

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Depending on the total size of your claim you may want to look into getting a public adjustor. They will represent you in return for 10-15% of your total settlement. Might be worth a call.

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Peaches - so glad you're finally moving in! how wonderful. A big portion of our downstairs will be gutted down to the studs the kitchen, breakfast area, hall,powder room, laundry and part of dining room. Flooring in entire house getting replaced, well except for some tile in a bath upstairs. Most all ceilings downstairs as well. It will seem like a new house when finished.

Lascatx - I would be perfectly fine using the same granite, I just want a gaurantee the if it doesn't fit as well as it does now, that they will then replace. I don't want to stare at a poor seam or huge gap for here on out.
I suppose I will get a repairman out just to verify what's happened to appliances. that's only fair I guess. But I was wondering when he (adjuster) did the walkthrough and commenting on needing new range etc (put on my personal list tho) why he didn't say then that I would need a repairman to check out the appliances. Only when I decided to add the washer/dryer did he balk.

This adjuster has just been awful from the beginning. On day 2 when I asked him if I would get reimbursed for all the totes/bubble wrap I had to buy, he said "don't you worry about packing stuff up - just let them handle it" well who the heck is "them"???? no body from First Response packed up my stuff, they were just there to dry everthing out. Then when the first check came, there was so much stuff left off it was laughable. He missed the powder room (ceiling was cut out, tile busted up, wallpaper ripped off wall all by First Response) so how do you miss an entire room? also no mention of HVAC (ductwork under house had to be cut out as well as thermastat needed replaced because water got in) also no mention of replaceing the wiring/lighting in kitchen area that had been dripping with water. He left off carpet in one room etc etc the list goes on. I'm thinking about $25000 worth of ommissions. When brought to his attention he didn't respond for 3 days. He's been very short with me and I don't know what I've done to piss him off.

An outside adjuster would be great but I don't want to give up 15% of $75000, when this guy should just do his job.

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Can you have your fabricator there when the adjuster comes back?

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The thing about getting a personal adjustor is that while you pay them 10-15% they often will get you way more than that from your insurance company - they're looking out for your interest whereas the insurance company's adjustor is not. The insurance company adjustor IS doing his job - pay you as little as he can get away with - he's not looking out for your interest - that's how insurance companies operate.

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I agree with weissman, and that is what I meant when i asked you about an adjustor, someone you hire to represent your interests. The notion that your insurance company will 'take care of you' is often unfortunately, untrue. It certainly seems like in your case the adjustor is there to be an impediment and to minimize expenses for the insurance company. A good adjustor you hire will be more than worth it. He will help you to get compensated for the things you are forgetting. My parents basement flooded when I was young, they still talk about the adjustor they had and how amazing he was. Many things my parents would have just chalked up as a loss were eventually compensated, including a collection of fabric scraps my mother had been amassing to make a quilt. The fabric scraps weren't, of themselves, valuable but the adjustor was able to value them as a 'collection'. A smart adjustor is well worth the investment.
I am sorry you are experiencing such a hassle, i hope things ameliorate soon.

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Mountaineer girl--

Marcola is right. I suggested a Public Adjuster once before when you first posted here. A good public adjuster will save you from all these headaches and protect you from your insurance company.

A good public adjuster will earn you more than they cost you by making sure you don't get *******. Why are you looking at it like you have to give him/her 15% of 75K. Is that your policy limit? If you have more damages than that, then they should pay more than that.

When we had our fire we knew right from the get go that we were in trouble. The public adjuster we hired had been an insurance adjuster for over 20 yrs. So he knew all the tricks that the insurance companies tried to use.

I'm truly sorry you are experiencing this. And yes you should not have had to pack up one item.

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thanks for all your comments!

I am definitely going to look into a public adjuster. No there is no limit on amount, I have replacement insurance (supposedly the best policy they offer, according to my agent)it's just that $75K is around where we are at now, and that's not including my personal stuff.

I am going to make some phone calls, one to my attorney friend, and see what I can find out about public adjusters. I never even knew they existed!

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