Does anyone have a Grohe Minta faucet?

sjhockeyfan325October 28, 2013

I'm trying to figure out whether it's true that you have to turn off the water to change from stream to spray (which would be silly -- a button should do the trick, but some reviews state expressly that you have to turn off the water). I'm not as concerned about locking the spray or stream in one mode (I've had both), but being able to toggle between the two.

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We put a Grohe Minta on one of our sinks, and you can push the button while the water is flowing to switch from stream to spray, and it will stay in spray mode until you turn the water off which is what you would need to do if you want to put it back to stream. For what it's worth, ours was purchased in 2009.

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That's the information I needed - thanks!

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We have the Grohe Minta as well and it operates as kris_ma says. It's a nice faucet and we have no complaints.
Ours was purchased in 2011.

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Does neither of you find it annoying that you have to turn off the water to go back to 'stream' (instead of being able to toggle between stream and spray the way i could with my old Brizo Venuto)?

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I don't find it annoying at all, as I prefer spray and would probably leave it in that position anyway.

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I am also considering the mints with the arc. I like that it has a lower water flow rate than most Grohes and Hansgrohe. I don't like a hard stream or spray; splashes too much. You all seem satisfied. What about clicking back into the magnet? Is it easy to retract and does it always click back? I have a KWC eve in another home and love it but don't want to spend that kind of money for this kitchen.

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So... the retracting hose -- it pulls out easily, stays at the length you pull it out to, then retracts easily as well, and, yes, it clicks back into its original spot. It's not self-winding like the cord on the Dyson, you have to use your own arm power to do it, but it cooperates and goes back when it's guided to do so.

I've never had a retracting faucet head before, and really like it, it would really bother me if I could not get it back to it's original "clicked in" position and I had to look at it with it's hose peeking/hanging out -- but it doen't have that issue at all, I had feared it would based on the rows and rows of askew pull-out faucets in the kitchen faucet show rooms, but someone on here explained to me that the faucets are weighted when installed, and that makes the difference and is the reason why show room faucets do not "click back" -- they were right, evidently. I pull down the hose nearly every time I use the sink, and it still clicks back easily.

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Thank you kris. That was my concern. My KWC eve also is weighted and goes back easily but it does not have a spray which is not essential but would be nice. The Minka is reasonably priced and is my likely pick. Then I need a cold water faucet but don't necessarily want to be obligated to a filter system like the Hansgrohe. Like their faucets but not sure about the filter system. Will keep looking.

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