Chose Azul Platino granite... did I make a mistake?

Whit11October 8, 2012

Hey all!! I have been in and out of here looking at all of your beautiful kitchens while planning out my own. Today we chose our granite and went with Azul Platino but I'm scared that it is such a tight speckled pattern that it will look.. I don't know, cheap? I'm am more of a large pattern type of person but my husband really liked this one and it was one of the few true greys we found. The other option we considered was white bordeaux which I can't really show a sample of because it's questionable if it even exists. But it is similar to other bordeauxs. We have white cabinets. Does anyone have any thoughts or pictures to share to ease my fears that it will be too "heavy"?

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Here are several photos I found with a Google search of Azul Platino kitchens. I don't think it looks at all "cheap." The pattern is definitely one of the "tight, speckled" granites, and this is just a matter of taste. If you look at all the manufactured quartz patterns available that are this type, it's clear that this is a look that many people prefer.

Granite shopping with two people is always a process. In our case we spent the first several granite yards each pointing out things we liked and didn't regardless if a particular granite was one we'd actually choose for our kitchen. It took us a while to sort out things we both liked and then we could be serious about choosing a specific stone. In the end we chose one that I like and my husband Loves. My recommendation would be that you keep looking until you find something that really does it for both of you, even if one of you loves it and the other likes it. I'm not sure you're there yet. Considering how long you're going to live with your choice and the cost, continuing your search is probably in order.

Is this cool or what?!

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I have seen that sink at Ferguson's but for the life of me I can't figure out what you would do with it, lol. It is for icing down drinks? What? It's so far away from the faucet and drain. I think I am missing the obvious here.

The granite is pretty, I think it depends on what style and look you are going for. What is the look you are after? What type of cabinets, flooring etc.? The white bordeaux sounds lovely, I will google it to sneak a peek. Could you mix the two in different locations or the Azul with something more curvy that you like?

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The fact that you're asking this question in the first place is your answer. You need to keep looking. Doesn't matter if anyone else thinks it may look cheap. It matters what you think and whether or not you love the granite you'll be living with for years and years. Your husband loves it and you don't. Find one you'll both be happy with. Otherwise you're going to regret it.

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Thanks for the advice! I went to another granite yard today and checked out some other options. I found one other that I kind of like so we're going to check that out too. I haven't found anything I'm absolutely in love with so I think that's why I'm willing to settle.

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It is well worth every trip to every granite yard until you fall in love with a slab. Then you have iterations of love - against your cabinet finish choices, with any backsplash possibilities, faucet/hardware finishes, and fabric /paint accents.

Do keep looking! Enjoy it though, it will be much more fun moving forward if you LOVE what you have selected!

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I used an interior designer who recommended Dakota Mahogany, which is also a granite with dense, small speckles. At first I rejected it and found other flowing beauties I really loved. Over time it grew on me, but it was still a "leap of faith" to lean on my designer's advice. It turns out she was right. The granite allows my coppery glass backsplash to be the show stopper without competing with it. It also serves as a lovely background for my dishes, or decorative elements, which sit on the counter. There can only be one "star," your granite or the backsplash. A muted background is easy to live with and looks rich with the right backsplash. Have you tried backsplash samples with that granite?

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I don't think it will look cheap. Did you know that "platino" means platinum in Spanish? I had to look that up, but it was what I suspected based on the stone, which does have a bit of that metallic richness.

That said, you need to go with what you like and not by what others think or what you worry that they will think.

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I was on a searxh fpr a grey granite, too. Took Dh with me 2 different days. (Have white cabinets, but I didn't want a dark counter top. Have that now and can't stand it- too often I'll find places missed during clean-up that I couldn't see). He was SO much help- he picked out Blue Bahia. Yep, most expensive granite they had. Plus I didn't want blue. And we have a long countertop (133") without anywhere to put a seam that would look right.

I finally went with my sweet wonderful DIL- we found granite heaven! OMG, they had some beautiful stuff (stuff I was afraid to even ask what level) Some turquiose slabs with true gold veins, another one called Blue Sky (I was almost willing to go blue for that one- truly the color look of the sky with puffy clouds). Found 5 we liked, took back DH & DS, showed them ONLY those. We ended up with Parisdiso Bash. It was meant to be. It's even long enough to not need a seam on my long counter.

Keep searching for what you LOVE. When you see it, you'll know it. Angels will sing, you'll be doing the happy dance and you won't feel the least bit worried about your choice.

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Found 5 we liked, took back DH & DS, showed them ONLY those

That's an excellent shopping technique ... the one with the more time or the stronger preferences narrows the selection.

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That is a beautiful granite you chose luckymom. Gorgeous. I love looking at granite. I wish you could just stop in and look as long as you want by yourself. Around here you would think it is Ft. Knox the way you have to fill out paperwork and be led around by some bored, impatient sales person who is frustrated with having to do it. I just like to look at it as art. It's so interesting to see what comes out of the earth! I'd like to get another piece for my island but since I'm not doing a whole kitchen at this time, already did that, I don't feel like I would be very welcome, lol.

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Holy guacamole, gr9day! You live in the wrong end of the granite world. We wandered around a dozen or so yards without supervision. Like you, I admired several works of art. My favorite was one that was sky blue and sunrise pink clouds. I wouldn't put in on a counter (I don't think), but it would look perfect as wall art. Haven't seen it since and don't know the name. Another favorite was Rain Forest in the brown version. I saw that on a fireplace wall in a home once and it was gorgeous - not what I needed for the kitchen, but gorgeous.

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