how would you lay out a long L-shape...

shannonazOctober 27, 2012

We are building a guest house as part of our remodel and I need to get the basic kitchen layout. It's possible that very little cooking will be done in the kitchen but we want to be able to have someone live there if they need too...

Right now the idea is to have the kitchen take up a long wall (exact length TBD, up to 15ft) and possible a short wall, so an L-shape. There wont be an island or peninsula. We want a lot of backsplash and windows so we may go for an under-counter fridge (not a mini-fridge) to reduce upper cabinetry.

What would be an ideal layout for this situation?? At least an okay layout?

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how does an under counter fridge reduce upper cabinetry?

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sorry, that was confusing! We don't want anything "on top" or anything tall. I always think of a fridge as having cabinetry surround, but of course it doesn't have to!! It's not really relevant info anyway, I should have omitted it.

I am just trying to figure out if I should do fridge-sink-range all in a row or put the frige somewhere between the sink and the range etc. I so enjoy galley or island kitchens that I wouldn't really want to work in another configuration. I won't be working in this kitchen and it's possible that no one will ever do serious cooking in this kitchen so function is not the first priority like it would normally be!

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if it's definitely under counter fridge drawers-they can obviously go anywhere. the efficient, better ones are quite expensive-freezer drawers would be separate-then you are into serious money for a second residential situation. Not worth it because I think the freezer is important. If "not serious" cooking means food comes in and out but no holiday banquets/gourmet meals/etc ,then microwaving frozen entrees/breakfast with milk/cereal/eggs/toast/leftovers from restaurants/light sandwiches /etc is what you mean,probably. I would get a samsung or similar upright smaller fridge with typical freezer on top-or freezer below and position it at one end of the run. Be sure and have a microwave-as far as cooking-you could get a basic ceramic cooktop/omit a typical oven and get the GE advantium oven-smaller/but good for this situation. From my travels and staying in cottages/lets,and owning one and renting it out-priorities: regular smallish fridge with freezer/small single sink with oridnary faucet and 18 in dishwasher. Basic range or cooktop/okay to omit oven but have microwave and the GE advantium/OR Microwave that has convection cook-full size/efficient model. Base cab drawers are not a priority but if you have space go ahead and add a pot drawer to the basic utensil drawer. I would not omit wall cabs entirely-when people "stay"-they'll buy a few cooking ingreds/cans of soup/bag of rice/pack of crackers,etc-and the wall cab for dishes/bowls and another cab for the misc grocery items will be put to use.A mistake would be the full on expense of all drawers and no wall cabs.If you want an airy look-then get entry level cabs with glass doors-get your glass locally-this will be cheaper than all drawers....When you factor the diswasher/range OR under counter oven/sink base cab/utensil stack of drawers/... it's a fair amt of sq footage....having a couple wall cabs is typical and customary.

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Not sure what the length is of the other part of the L but you may want to look at mpagmom's L shaped layout which is about 14'x 12'.

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What length for the shorter section?

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