Gel staining cabinets what to with inside

maju785October 31, 2012

The information from these site have been anything but livesaver. I am finally taking the plunge and having my oak cabinet gel stained with general finishes java. However the question I have is what to do with inside of cabinet leva them same or stain them as well. It gets more complicated with glass insert which i am putting in some cabinets. What happens to the inside of those cabbies. I am putting in glass shelves in those as well.

Another question is any suggestion to retrofit insert for 8 inch lower cabinet which I can use for my 2 cabinet flanking my cooktop for oil etc which will free up some surface.

Please help me as my contractor is gonna ask me this question in few hours.



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Personally, I would only stain the inside of the cabinet box on the ones with the glass inserts in the doors. I would probably go ahead and stain both inside and outside of the doors. No advice on the 8" retrofit, sorry !

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But then the inside will be different with different cabinet, will that not be an issue w resale?

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I hope not. My UltraCraft cabinets came that way ... the interiors of the boxes are a light maple color with the exterior & the doors stained cherry. Except for the cabinet with glass which is cherry inside, outside, and doors. Also at our primary residence, our cabinets are painted white on exterior & doors, but wood on the interior.

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That makes me feel better. I read in some posts about a clear coat within cabinet, I was wonderinf that is just polyurthane. Also if someone has gel stain done by contractor how much they were charged

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I'm in the process of gel staining my cabinets right now! I'm doing them myself. I am not staining the insides of the cabinets. I don't think it looks weird at all. I'm not doing glass in any of them either though. I guess if I were you I'd probably want to gel stain the inside of the ones with glass but just leave the other ones. It seems like it would be so much work to stain the insides too!! Good luck! I'm half way done with mine, and it already looks so much better!!

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I wouldn't gel stain the interiors (except the glass fronted ones), there just isn't any need to and you will double the amount of work and time to finish your project.

Post pics when you're done, lmeadl. :)

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That sounds good, will do just thay. Any idea on the cost aspect of staining

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