Juparana Cordoba Granite

sdmomof3boysOctober 9, 2012

Does anyone have Juparana Cordoba Granite? If so, do you like it? Would you be willing to post a picture? I fell in love with a granite called Kosmos, but it was recommended that I do not use it due to it being a fairly soft granite with a lot of mica - I guess there are problems with scratching and crumbling and it is not very durable and not recommended for a kitchen. Juparana Cordoba was recommended to me as an alternative though I have not seen any actual granite slabs yet - will probably have to drive several hours to see it. I have honey oak cabinets - would like to change them but they are good quality and only 12 years old so they will be staying. I will be getting granite, backsplash and new flooring which I haven't picked yet but will probably be tile. I have stainless steel appliances - the stove and microwave are stainless and black. Kitchen not big but average sized and gets a quite a bit of light. I don't have a center island but rather countertop is U shaped and I do have 3 chairs up to it. I think I prefer dark counters but am open to suggestions and if you have Juparana Cordoba please post it. Thanks!!! Stacey

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Did you ever install the Juparana Cordoba? I loved the Kosmos/Asterix too. But was worried about durability. I'm in the same situation and will have to drive 4 hours to see it.

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No, I did not go with the Juparana Cordoba. I ended up making a 4 hour trip as well and looked at lots of granite. Ended up going with something called Stormy Night. I couldn't find very many pictures of Stormy Night online and mine looked quite different than the ones I saw - much darker and deeper coloring (Black, Browns, Tans, Ivory). It is such a hard decision to make. Now that we have had our granite installed for about 16 months we are going to be moving and will most likely build a new home in the next few months to a year - depending on when our house sells. I will have lots of decisions to make then! The nice thing is I can start all over and will not be trying to find a granite that looks good with the existing cabinets and floors (which I picked 14 years ago but would do differently now!) Good luck! The Juparana Cordoba I saw was nice but the slabs I saw didn't have any type of wow factor. The Cosmos/Asterix would have been my first choice but my husband vetoed it as the designer that was helping us out said it is not recommended for kitchens - especially ones that will get lots of use.

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