Lemon Pesto on my mind...Backsplash thoughts

lisa_wiOctober 7, 2012

I've been thinking about my backsplash for a long time and can't seem to settle on anything. DH and I headed over to Ann Sacks yesterday. He is a Kohler employee and gets a decent discount so we were thinking it might be easiest to focus there. I go back and for on wanting color, then I though cream crackle subways for a while but I feel like I'm going to be disappointed if that's the route I go. I just want something interesting. Not too dark. Something that will tie all my colors together.

Here's the kitchen:

I found this at Ann Sacks - its a stoneware tile made for Ann Sacks by a different company. The color is called Lemon Pesto (sorry about the crap lighting!)

With my cabinets:

I found this image online, but I think the color looks duller than it really was in person:

I don't think I'd use a deco tile unless they had something that would tie the stainless and black in?? I'd probably go lighter with the grout, a little closer to the upper cab colors.

What do you think???

Of course the guy at Ann Sacks didn't know the exact price and his guess puts it higher than I was thinking I'd spend even with the discount. Sigh.

Other Ann Sacks favorites I should look at? Other non-Ann Sacks tile that would be decently priced ($10-$20 a sq ft) and would fit into my kitchen well?

Here is a link that might be useful: My finished kitchen thread

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You don't have any competing pattern in the space-I'd do a plain tile but insert a row of accent tile with a botanical leaf or some pattern. The tile you show is complex in a kind of dominating way due to the edge relief/color complexity and sheen-I see it as overtaking too much,even tho it is a wonderful tile.

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I have to disagree with you herbfavor. If there was a kitchen that could have this tile it is this one. White cabinets and solid black granite!
If you truly love this tile, you can pull it off. I would not do the inserts. You have all those cup pulls on the lower cabinets that I don't think t would look right visually.
This tile can be the star of your kitchen.

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Lisa, hello from a fellow Wisconsinite. Love those tiles. I think they would look fabulous in your beautiful kitchen. The touch of green in them ties in great with your lowers cabinets. The yellow tones are perfect with your wall color and there's just enough cream color in them to work with your uppers. I love the dark accent tiles too but ellendi might be right, they might compete with the cup pulls. Maybe you could ask for one of the photoshoppers on here to mock the tile up for you both with and without the accent tile.
As an aside we bought tile from the Ann Sacks store in Kohler about 15 years ago for our previous home. They were a crackle tile that I now see suggested on here all the time. We had a row of accent tile with vine type pattern that we chose the colors for. I can't believe now that we splurged on custom tiles like that when our income was considerably lower than it is now. Loved those tiles! I think I need to go look through some old albums and see if I have any pictures of that backsplash.
Good luck with your backsplash decision.

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Hi also from Wisconsin! Did you go to the store at the American Club in Kohler? I don't know how you could even PICK one tile pattern from all the gorgeous stuff in there! Lucky you with a discount!

Anyway, I also really like the tile. It's awesome and looks great with your cabs, IMO. If you can pull it off, go for it!

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You've seen them, and you are the best judge of whether they will go well in your kitchen. My guess is that you are uncertain in part because you don't love them, or any of your other options yet. If this is correct, keep looking until you find something you love. Alternatives I've come across that might work for you are below. Disclaimer: I march to the beat of a different drummer when it comes to bs tiles.
glass mosaic from glass tile oasis

slate mosaic from glass tile oasis

ceramic mosaic from Mosaic House

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I love those Lemon Pesto tiles
and think they could look great in your charming kitchen,
bringing in a slightly rustic/earthy/"soulful" touch.
I'd probably advise skipping the darker square deco tiles.
But perhaps they would work and tie into your dark counters.

My only slight concern would be if the Lemon Pesto tiles' mottled finish
is too jarring with your polished dark counters. But I think they will work.
(There is an art to mixing different textures that I've never quite figured out.)

I also like EAM44's suggestion of #1 and #3 tiles above.

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I like the Ann Sacks tile without the accents.

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I agree about liking the Ann Sacks tile without the accents.

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Can you prop it up against the wall under your cabinets, Lisa? Or did you take the pic at the shop?

I thought you were talking in your other thread (with your inspiration kitchen posted) that you liked the idea of a tile that tied in with the uppers so it created more of a seamless look? I guess I should go back to that thread...

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herbflavor - I'll have to keep my eye open for some kind of accent tiles if this doesn't work out.

deedles - yes, we were at the store in Kohler. We live about 3 blocks from the American Club. It is very overwhelming and I'm not sure I saw everything which is part of my hesitation.

EAM44 - I think my hesitation is more about the price right now ;) I keep thinking about it so I feel like it or something similar is probably "the one". Interesting options - I don't think glass is right for the space, but I do really love slate. I've always been drawn to it but was avoiding it here thinking it would be too dark. The one you posted isn't bad though.

Steph2000- I think I'll have to head back to the store some day and get pricing figured out and see if I can borrow the board and bring it home for some photos. I was thinking I would go simpler but more because I felt like that's what I should do if that makes sense. Every time I think about actually having a solid color backsplash in my own kitchen I feel kind of blah. I would hate to spend the time and money and just feel like its okay rather than perfect. I was hoping to find some way to tie the cabinet colors with the wall color but I didn't like the idea of a multi-colored mosaic. I never thought I'd find something where I got all the colors in each tile.

This was one of my other options I was considering, but it still doesn't tie in the green and I still haven't gotten the correct sample to check on the yellow:

I'm going to spend some more time looking for inspiration and other tile options. Keep the opinions and alternatives coming!

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I'd try to sign the sample board out and bring it home. It could make your wall color look out of place or it could look great.

Terra Firma is sorta the same groove.

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