Install on Friday; junk everywhere; advice on backsplash layout

KevinMPOctober 3, 2012

I've posted earlier, and without boring everyone with what's going on, I'm doing a minor (but now over budget) remodel on my kitchen:

-new door and drawer fronts on existing cabinets (out with thermofoil and in with antique white painted maple);

-repainted all-wood existing cabinet boxes in antique white,;

-new wall unit with 2 18"x96" pantry cabinets with pull outs, 2 27" drawer bases, and 2 27"x42" uppers with a polished absolute black counter above the drawer bases;

-new paint on walls (BM Mt. Saint Anne) and new trim with antique white paint to match cabinets;

-new backsplash (4" square calacatta gold honed in diamond pattern);

-replacement of over the range microwave with stainless hood (creating a larger backsplash);

-warming drawer in new wall unit;

-new dual fuel range (already installed below last week); and

-new handwoven rugs to match wall color (already down).

I know that's a lot for not doing much, but here goes.

My house (c. 1826 row home in downtown Philly) is flooded with cabinets and tile boxes, etc. as you can see, and I need to decide if I've mixed the tile enough. The way it's worked out, there's about half white/cream pieces and half veined pieces. So I've arranged them in a sort of checkerboard pattern, which appears to work well. Please let me know your input, and then hold off for a couple of days for the end result.

Boxes everywhere:

Here's the before (although I've painted in a few spots and the new stove and rugs are in).

Here's the new tile and the mixture I created to come up with a pattern, and this is what I'm really needing the input on.

Without flash:

With flash:


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I'm confused. Why are you removing the existing backsplash (which looks awesome to me)?

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It doesn't match with the antique white cabinets at all because it's all gray, and I have to put in a new backsplash for the wall unit anyhow (and move electrical to put in under cabinet lighting).

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I think it looks good then. I especially like where you continued the lines from one tile to another.

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Can you post next to cabinet also?
PS How is puppy holding up to this?

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Here's what the cabinets look like. I was trying to match the cream color and the absolute black, while also finding coloring that would go well with the BM Mt. Saint Anne on the walls. I think it'll look good.

I'm still debating whether to do a diamond or brick pattern. Today, I'm leaning toward brick. And what to do about the grout. I used calacatta gold honed in my bathroom and used TEC dove gray grout, which worked well, but that tile is more of the gray vein variety than the kitchen tile, which is more of the brown-gray variety. I have a whole box of unsanded TEC dove gray left that I could use. It just may be too stark. I've included two pictures of the bathroom tile and grout color if it helps with the advice. Thanks.

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Fori is not pleased

Cats and dogs, living together!?

O sorry. Your front door is wonderful.

What was the question? Oh, I think a brick pattern would be very nice and your mix of solid and veined is good. I guess in a brick pattern you won't have quite as obvious a checkerboard, but that's good.

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Thanks. The door was just replaced last year; a pain in the a__ because it had to be custom made to match the alleged original and approved by the historical commission. Much more energy efficient because the panels are thicker and there aren't any gaps anymore. (That bell is actually an original door bell that functions based on a pull on the outside of the door.)

Here are the options using TEC's AccuColor Grout and Caulk Color Selector strips (which came from my local tile retailer):

From top to bottom; Silverado, Dove Gray, Ivory, Mist, and Pearl. I kind of like the Dove Gray (which I happen to have a full container of leftover) and the Pearl.

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Fori is not pleased

Tight joints, I assume?

I think Mist is too dark but the rest are all good. I think I like Ivory or Pearl the best but you know how unreliable computer monitors and photos can be...normally I say when you can't decide it means they're all equally good and you go with what is cheapest as a tiebreaker which would be the dove, but maybe it's too dark? You have a few days before grouting, right? Seeing the tile when it's all up with the new doors would be best for grout selection I think.

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It's Friday. Go with one of the lighter colors. Dark will make it look like a chess board.

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I like pearl, it reads the warmest and so I think it will complement the antique white the best.

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Based on my monitor, I like Pearl best. Once you need to make your final decision, there is a method to help when dealing with a number of different possiblities.

First, you could take 2 of the 5 choices and choose which you like best; then take the winner and individually compare it with the remaining 3, keeping the winner each time, until you see which one comes out on top.

Second, a more complicated heirarchy for choosing would be to make a table with 5 rows and 5 lines. Across the top, list the name of each color; and down the side also list the name of each color. Quickly fill in the grid by taking the first one listed on the side and comparing it to all of the other colors listed across the top, choosing your favorite in each comparison. Then mark in the appropriate space which is the winner (i.e., number each color and write in the number of the winner for each comparison). Do this all the way down those listed on the side, then check to see which one came out the winner. This method allows you to compare every color to all of the others. (Hope the description made sense---if you just make up the grid, it will probably be clear to you.) I have used this method when having too many choices and, surprisingly, it has been helpful.

Or just go with your gut. :)

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