Exposed backsplash from replacing old range hood..

peeka73October 28, 2013

Hello all,

My kitchen is still decked out in 1968 fab appliances. The prior owner of the house left the original receipts.. so it was quite interesting finding out just how old the appliances are.. However, recently while cleaning my 1968 Swanson range hood I noticed the wires looked charred. I had an electrician come by and the sheathing literally came apart when he touched it. So.. it is time to get it replaced.

I have a replacement range hood, but it is about an inch shorter than the original hood. The old tiled backsplash looks to be tiled just to the bottom of the hood. Should I tile 1" of tiles under the hood or get it painted? Unfortunately, I have no extra funds now to retile the kitchen.. which will be a massive undertaking since everything is still in 1968.. Ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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More than likely you won't see tha inch unless you stick your head under the hood. Just paint it a matching color and call it a day.

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You could remove a section and replace it with a larger format but matching color tile, or a stripe to give it interest.

How much will be pulled out with the new vent? Can you keep the hood and get an new insert fitted? That hood is a dandy.

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I guess I can see just how much space is left after it is removed and if there is any space available to even tile! :)

The new vent is 6" tall, the old is 7" (with the ornate trim, 8")

It is a very pretty hood, if not for the falling apart wiring, I had planned on holding onto it for longer. I don't think I can find new wiring for a unit this old?

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It's one thing to rewire a Tesla, but a range hood should be a piece of cake for a journeyman electrician. Keep it.

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Elraes Miller

Replace the wiring. This should not be a problem. A new hood is going to require rewiring for a connection. Keep your timeless hood, I like it.

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It is a pretty fab hood; scalloped edged were all the rage in 1968.

I'd ask about getting it rewired before commiting to replacing it-maybe the electrician you talked to or an appliance repair place.

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I'm with the rewire camp :) Or have a new fan installed within the old hood.

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Sell that hood to me! if not, have it re wired, that is a classic beauty, or as others have said maybe you can find an insert to replace the guts...

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Just an update.. the electrician was able to rewire it! :D He snipped off the burned section and connected it the switch wiring. The rest of the wiring looks good, so no need to replace! :) Just want to thank everyone for their suggestion! It was very helpful. Thank you!

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Fori is not pleased

Darn. I wanted that hood!

I'd like to see more of your time capsule. It looks to be in fabulous condition! I'm guessing this is NOT a "starter home". Looks like the good stuff.

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Yes, this looks like a nice kitchen from what we can see. Could you show us more by any chance? : )

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Haha, sorry! I really do like this hood and am glad I am able to continue using it. The prior owners of this house took really good care of their home and kept everything in great condition. The home was built in 1940 and it seems all the upgrades for the kitchen was done in 1968. The other parts of the house were updated in the 80s (the bathrooms in glorious 80s style) and bay window in the 90s. :)

Here are some photos. Sorry if they didn't come out really good. The lighting in the kitchen isn't the greatest.

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Hood and stove..

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And the double oven. It's a Frigidaire Custom Imperial.

(with the towels removed..)

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Fori is not pleased


It's cute! But how on earth did it stay so clean over the years? And those appliances! I know old appliances were sturdier, but not a ding nor dent on all that stainless is pretty amazing.

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