Utility closet done! One step closer...

williamsemOctober 16, 2013

I promise I will post a reveal when I'm done. I'm almost there now, just finishing up those few final things.

Today I finished up the utility closet, which lives next to my fridge and pull out pantry. It would have been a two day project, except some of the firing strips were too twisted to use, and as usual the reality of things did not match the way it was supposed to go in my head. This time, it was trigonometry.

So here's what it used to look like...

All emptied and painted...

And all done, just got to fill it back up! I now have 3 x 12 inch deep shelves, 2 x 16 in deep shelves, and two walls of peg board to hold all the junk. As soon as I get my shop vac back from my mom, I can adjust the bottom shelf height (vac needs to live under it) and get rid of the drywall dust.

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Sweet! Love following your posts!

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Aw, thanks A2! I did the linen closet not long ago too.

If anyone is looking at installing those wire shelves, I think I've finally got the system down. I managed to get everything in one trip, and no extras! The key to the shelving seems to be get it cut 1 inch shorter than your space. They will cut it to length if you ask. That leaves enough wiggle room to get the brackets lined up right and avoid the wires in the shelves, but also still go just about to the wall on each side even with the little end caps on.

Can't find the before pic, it was a hot mess, but here's after...

I'm working on the fireplace too, there's a thread in home decorating from a few weeks ago with some progress pics. I should have thought to copy the link, I tend to lose posts if I go off and search mid-typing.

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That looks great - can't wait to see the rest!

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You are going to have fun loading that up again! How big a pile ended up getting tossed or stored elsewhere?

I need to clean out my sons' linen closet...

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What brand on the shelving and where did you get it? TIA.

Great job! I especially love the peg board sides.

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Oh how nice! Organized and neat... how I long for organized and neat just like you have. It's odd how something like organizing a little closet reduces stress as much as it does, right?

Can't wait for your reveal, btw.

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Will post a pic when I'm done, need to get some bins and peg board accessories first.

Annkh, I didn't toss much, but did relegate a bunch to the top shelf as drop cloth/rag/project towels and sheets. For those times where you need a towel, but know the towel won't be presentable ever again after :-). Might have to distribute them to a few other locations for convenience, but at least they are clearly segregated ( and identifiable) for now.

JessHS those are just off the shelf at HD, I think Closetmaid. I have not been using their closet system packages, just piecing together what I need to do my tiny closets.

If not buying a kit for an actual closet situation, you will need:
1 header/base unit for the top to hang the standards on
2 or more standards (long white things that hang down to put the shelves on), they come in different lengths and I -think- 24 inch spacing is max
1 pack of stud screws for the header (assuming you are attaching at the ceiling)
1 or more packs of stud screws or Molly bolts for the standards, depending on length, number, and if you can hit studs
1 bracket per shelf per standard it will cross
Shelves cut 1 in less than your space if spanning the whole space
8-10 end caps per shelf depending on depth of shelf

It's an easy enough project if you have a drill, level, and some patience. The pegboard I added I think would up it to a low intermediate skill project, as that also involves a saw and adding spacers for the pegboard. But still easy enough if you have even a little DIY skill.

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Every time I see you have a post with the little "camera" next to it my heart skips a beat, anticipating that beautiful wall color. And now you have it in your utility closet, too! The blue with the white pegboard and shelves is so crisp. I've done a lot of closets with that kind of shelving; I always find that the hard part is taking out the old closet fixin's.

Your shop vac will be so happy in her new home!

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Oh, Deedles, you are so right about the stress. It's especially helpful when the mess that's bothering you can't go away because some of it needs to go in the closet and there's no room!

Thanks, bpathhome, I still love the color! And as a bonus, painting the closet was a breeze because I didn't have to patch or prime the side walls, which were looking pretty sad. I cheated a little and only out on one coat of paint, I feel a little naughty.

I've been working on getting the pegboard set up, and thought you all would like to see. It has been so much fun! Hopefully i'll be able to keep track of those things i'm always looking for, and have my most common tools at hand without digging out a box, then digging in the box. Got some totes to fill up too, so I'm going to be working on figuring everything out for a bit.

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Gorgeous, great job !! And I love that you used the adjustable shelving so you can move them up or down or add shelves to minimize wasted space between the shelves. Very nice. It feels so good to get all organized. : )

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Well, now I've got ANOTHER GW thread bookmarked....I have a pantry about as deep as yours, but a bit wider. And it is driving me crazy!

Great job on yours, and the linen closet, too! Thanks for the tips as well on parts...

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Huge smile on my face! I like how A2 put it.... sweet!

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I once had a similar closet, but I never painted it turquoise (why on earth not?) and it never occurred to me to put up pegboard (no forums to get ideas from). I did hammer nails in here and there. And I did put a 3" deep wire shelf rack on the door that called my name in a hardware store and held a whole pack of stuff. It was a great little closet. Enjoy. :)

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That pegboard in the closet is a fantastic idea. Organized closets are the best. Enjoy!

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I knew I wasn't the only one that appreciates organization here!

KBSpider, I really like the Closetmaid system. I tend to use the wire shelves, but I have also seen solid shelves that would probably fit (further down the aisle in HD), though they would be harder than wire shelves to get cut to length. Being able to adjust and add/remove shelves as needed is great.

So far this project has only cost about $200, including a couple of totes I have waiting to be filled. I had the primer and paint leftover, as well as all the screws I used to attach the pegboard. Not a super cheap project, but not a huge cost either.

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Actually, that seems very reasonable for having a great, organized space!

You know, I'm not a huge wire shelves fan (no more wire shelves! Sorry, little Mommie Dearest moment... :) ), but in a smaller pantry closet, it may make more sense than solid shelving, since you'd get some air flow. And your point about being able to easily adjust them is a good one. Not that you couldn't hammer up those wood sides with the holes in them, but I think this would be easier. At least you make it SEEM pretty easy...

Oooh, and I do have leftover paint, too...hmm...

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I'm working on a small tote of paint for touch ups as I open the colors to touch up, so that will live in here too eventually. And the assorted doorknobs and electric stuff will eventually get installed as I work on other rooms, so I will have some breathing room eventually.

So hard to get pics of the small space...

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Love the organization reveal! Some times it's the small things that make a big impact. One of the first things I did when I moved into my house was re-do my bedroom closet. I gained more usable space and much better organization. I too cheated and only did one coat of paint - ha. Congrats on getting it done.

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