Is this standard?

bcafeOctober 15, 2012

My cabinets are installed, the trim and light rail are in. However, they did not fill the nail holes. My KD/cab salesperson said that was up to me. Really? 16k on cabinets and I need to fill nail holes? I am just wondering if that is SOP.

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No it's not standard! I would screaming bloody murder if I spent 16 grand on cabinets and they didn't fill -- or cover -- the nail/screw holes.

In our case they covered the screw holes with the colored dot things inside the cabinets, which was totally fine by me. I wouldn't expect them to fill and stain the holes, I just wouldn't want to see screw heads in my cabs after spending all that dough.

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No way is that the responsibility of the owner. That is part of the install.

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*spits water on monitor*

Tell that KD to get his/her can over there with the appropriate filler! Good LORD the nerve of some of these people.

Your responsibility? Yeesh.

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Yes, it really rubs me the wrong way too. The hardware is not on yet and I have not paid the remainder of the balance (30%) so we will have a little chat today during templating.

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Absolutely not standard, anyewhere.

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16,000 and you do the work? Are they nuts?

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Tell your KD-installer to buy some nail plugs on the way over and have her install them. Definitely not your job.

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Sorry. I'm new here and have never done a kitchen remodel. Can someone explain what nail holes deserve to be filled?

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There was a very similar thread posted either earlier this year or late last year--maybe you have the same KD/Cabinet guy as that other unlucky GWer!! Check for nails/screws that protrude through the cabinet sides as well!

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