Do I need a 48" aisle here?

shannonazOctober 8, 2013

In my current kitchen I have an island cooktop with a counter-depth fridge and ovens in the cabinet run behind it. It is perfect for me. I can pivot from fridge to prep space next to the cooktop and pivot to take things out of the oven and set them on the island. I love the set up and recreated it in my planned remodel. I've had this new kitchen designed for a year and we just started the remodel. I had the sudden realization that I have a 48" fridge in the new kitchen and that may impact the aisle!! I've mocked up and measured the door swing and taken my measuring tape to the appliance showroom etc. There is room for me and the door in a 42" aisle. My MIL has a 48" aisle and it feels too it just wider than I'm used to or is 48" sometimes too wide? I'm linking my a thread with my floor plan. I would love your thoughts...

Here is a link that might be useful: My other thread

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I'm very big on narrower aisles for the reasons you like them so much, but I really don't like the idea of doors that large opening opposite the stove. Although you have determined you technically have room, it would be too easy to bump someone or lose balance against something on the stove, catch a handle, or whatever.

Since you're so fortunate as to have a current setup you love and intended to replicate, my thought is that you might do best to do just that. I.e., replicate your old refrigerator, too. Could you could put another unit in the pantry?

Otherwise, wider aisle to establish the same clearance that has worked well for you.

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I liked the feel of a 42" aisle but I think you'd get used to a wider one, too. It's not like it's 8 feet wide or something....

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I had my lower cabs delivered in august and mocked up the island in the space with 46 1/2" aisles to the range and FD fridge. I'm about 5'8" and long legged and still feel like I need an extra half step to land something on the island counter.
My DH is over 6 ft and says its fine; we are weirdly aware of our personal space and lack of it.
Old kitchen had the tiny 24 X 36 island in the middle with 32inch aisle. We knew it was too tight but oddly handy for turning and landing something on it.
If the current set up of the cooktop, fridge, ovens, works for you currently you should be fine. I would not be able to work with your planned kitchen unless alone. Since we have two or more in the kitchen, especially holidays, we now wanted distinct spaces, with elbow room.
The rules of the kitchen boil down to what is working for how you will actually use the space. My new kitchen's aisles were planned for 48" but I may cut them back a bit.

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