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fauxrealOctober 4, 2012

Not a huge kitchen, it's about 10 years old and we're thinking an upgrade. I plan on hiring someone to paint the cabinets white and putting in a darkbrownish granite. also the floors are getting a dark brown hardwood throughout the house.

Painting the walls sw kilim beige, do you think the colors of the current wall is similar or the same? the kitchen gets quite a bit of sun but the rest of the house doesnt and because its a little small im worried it will look too dark.

im hoping this upgrade wont cost too much. does anyone have an approx how much the painting the cabinets will cost? i know theres a lot of prep work which is why i dont want to do it myself.

any other suggestions would be of great help :)

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Brown granite, brown floors, brown walls? Too much brown. It can survive the floors and granite if you choose something else for the walls. Or the floors and walls if you choose something else for the granite. Have an idea of how it all goes together before you start painting though.

Just painting the cabinets alone is probably 3-4K. Take the opportunity to add some substantial molding at the top, some light rail molding, and possibly something like beadboard for the island to dress it up. That will probably add another 1-2K to it depending on how fancy you choose to get. The granite could be 2.5K-5K, depending on which stone and edge you choose. You will also have another $500-2K in sink, faucet, garbage disposal and maybe hot water dispenser, soap dispenser, etc.

That can all be under 10K (not including flooring) if you shop wisely, or you could be at 20K if you splurge on your choices.

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On a budget, I would leave all uppers and pantry-get hardware. I would pull out base cabs entirely. I would get painted bases or a very dark cafe brown-alder or maple. redo the island or at least encase it in panels that matched the cabinets you pick. The fridge,microwave and range would be better as a matched group-I'd seriously think about a fridge that does not extend out so far....look into french doors ontop/freezer below...they are widespread now and are feature packed,and look good. Get base cab drawers-what flexibility can you wrangle out of the island-less overhang?, but more width for actual counter usage?[looks like no sitting occurs]...or eliminate that overhang and place shallow depth display cabs on dinette's a studded wall in the island-figure out how much construction /demolition you're willing to do on island. if you leave the uppers you can get a better island-even if it's not for seating.

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Fori is not pleased

I like the vase/etc. collection and would do a less brown color just because of that. Also, with the floors and counters, you'll have enough brown. Of course if you're not really into the vases and just have it there to fill in a decorating need, disregard. But still, don't go too brown.

If the island overhang isn't used, perhaps a bookcase could be built in? If not, I'd either do it in beadboard as LWO suggested or at least paint the back the same as the cabinet color.

Some knobs would be nice. And go ahead and reuse your disposal and faucet and all that stuff if they match and work well. Those plumbing items reinstall well if they're removed carefully. (Yeah, I'm cheap and recoil at the idea of replacing a 10 year old GD without cause. :) )

Are you sure you like the layout enough to spend money making it pretty? And are the cabinets good enough quality to save? I do think it looks pretty good in the photo and if the bones are good, a little upgrade is totally the way to go.

But not too much brown please!

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