2 separate units possible where micro/wall oven combo is now?

needinfo1October 23, 2013

When we did our kitchen 20 years ago, we built a cabinet to hold the single unit appliance that is a wall oven on the bottom and a microwave on top. If we look for a similar 27" unit now to slide in there, there are not many choices. We are thinking instead of getting two separate appliances--a wall oven and a microwave--for the opening. But, this means that we need to do some alterations to the current opening.

Has anyone done anything similar? If so, how difficult was it? Would you do it again or just stay with what you had as a configuration? Do you have any photos? Thanks.

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It's possible, but the cabinet will need to be remade. Do you have any leftover material from the original kitchen project? You'll need some filler or other material to form a separating rail between the two units as well as to build an extra platform for the two units. A good custom cabinet person could probably do some experiments to stain and finish a piece to match as well as do the other cabinet alterations. It's one of those "small" big jobs though that take a lot of fiddling and end up being more costly than most people thing it "should" because of the time and the customization.

You'll also need to add in a dedicated 110 electrical circuit for the MW, and the difficulty of that can be simple or complex. Only an electrician on site can assess how easy it will be to pull the wire from the panel to behind the oven. If you have a basement, it's usually easier than if you don't, but that's not even a sure thing.

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You can probably order a small stainless filler from frigo designs online if you don't want to deal with matching the wood.
DItto to all the info LWO gave above.

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We do not have filler in between the oven and the MW. Ours was new construction. I have several pictures and an explanation at the very bottom of this linked thread. (Sorry I can't post a picture of it here, I'm on the iPad)

Here is a link that might be useful: http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums/load/kitchbath/msg0206313721622.html

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Yes, it is possible. Here was our old wall oven micro, warming drawer combo unit from 1986

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Here it is while I was putting in the dividing face frames for the new lay out. Same 27 year old cabinets, new pine was a little lighter in color...

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Since we went with a range, we gained three deep drawers worth of storage...

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Thanks to the three of you for the input and ideas.

This is a rather simple birch cabinetry piece ( built to match the vintage in our early 1900s house). My husband can do wiring, and we have a basement so I am not worried about that. And, I still have the stain so that could be matched.

One of the reasons I'd thought about this option rather than just sliding in a complete new unit was because I know that today's appliances do not seem to last as long as the older ones. (Mine are still functional but are looking a bit tacky and long in the tooth.) And, with an integrated unit like this if the microwave goes, the entire appliance is no longer any good.

But, this is perhaps now sounding like it may be more bother than it is worth. Fiddling around to reconfigure the cabinetry I'd probably end up spending the same amount of money as just buying the more expensive replica unit. With two singles rather than one integrated set I'd get more options to choose from. But, frankly, I already have a nice, new Wolf range so this would be a secondary oven. And, to me, a microwave is a microwave is a microwave.

I guess I'll have to do some more thinking the whole thing through.

Thanks again for all the help.

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"And, with an integrated unit like this if the microwave goes, the entire appliance is no longer any good."

That is exactly why we didn't go with a combo unit for our recent reno, as well them being more expensive than separate appliances. We've had to replace a burnt out microwave before but have never have had an oven die on us.

Can you post a photo of your cabinet?

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We must have been posting at exactly the same time since your comments and photos weren't there when I wrote my response post.

Your cabinet looks fabulous and is really a great re-configuration of space. I'd assumed you hired a carpenter to do the work until I re-read your comment about you doing the work. My husband has the electrical skills, and I have the staining and finishing skills. But, we'd need to hire a cabinet maker to do the work. Thanks for taking the time to post photos. I'll have to see if I can get some of my current set up to give people an idea of what I'm talking about..

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