Silgranite sink owners

denali2007October 10, 2012

If you have the grids on the bottom of the sink, what do you clean them with?

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do you mean how do we clean the sink...... or the grid?

I put my grid in the DW.

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I did mean the grids

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Wow! Manual says no DW. I wanted to try but was chicken- any problems in DW?
Cryptic from iPhone.

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To be clear, my sink didn't come with the grid. I bought it after the fact. I'm not sure if the OP's came with it since their question specified silgranit sinks?

Apparently, I didn't read my manual. :) I haven't had any issue with the DW. I might only wash it once a week in there, and I've had it about a year. There is always the possibility I will ruin the grid with time. Oh well. I like the thought of the grid actually getting clean! :)

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I fill the sink with an inch or so (just to cover grids) of hot soapy water about once a week, let them soak, scrub with brush, flip, and scrub other side. Not as much of a chore as it sounds. The sinks themselves (I have the gunmetal grey color) stay very clean. Never had grids before and I'm surprised at how much I like them. Everything in the sink (pots and pans and stuff) stays much cleaner being elevated and all the crud rinses away beneath. hth

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I always thought that the purpose of grids was to keep the sink from scratching, and I thought Silgranite sinks didn't scratch -- which is one of the reasons I was planning to get on. Am I missing something here?

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Debbi Branka

Silgranit sinks don't scratch permanently. My pans make those black scratch marks on my white sink. Blanco told me to use soft scrub on my white sink (the cleaners they make are for the darker sinks). I use soft scrub and my dish rag ang those black pan marks come right off. Sometimes I use a green scrubby pad with soft scrub to really clean the sink. Love it! No grids. Never tried them, but I don't imagine I would like them.

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My metallic gray silgranits don't scratch at all. No black marks from pans either. My old white cast iron Kohler used to have black pan marks on it all the freakin time so I wanted a sink(s) this time around that don't do that. Btw, I do not use grids, nor do I plan on doing so.

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Grids protect the sink from possible scratching, but that's only one of their functions.

In a super single, at least, a grid becomes a work surface, so several tasks can happen at the same time: you can rinse out pots or wash veg's or drain a pot of pasta while stock cools in an ice bath, yogurt drains in a colander, or vacuum-sealed meat thaws in a bowl of water -- because water runs under the grid without touching the work bowls.

To some extent the grid also protects delicate items from landing too hard on the sink base (though of course it doesn't entirely keep you from banging them into the side of the sink).

And as ca_mom mentions above, dishes and pots sitting in the sink are much easier to rinse thoroughly -- or at least get no dirtier than they were, because the bases are not sitting in water. This is particularly helpful for cooks like me who regularly use enameled cast iron casseroles with bare iron bases: they stay dry while the inside of the pot soaks, something I used to be able to do only on a cold stovetop burner.

With much less counter space than many GWKFers, I find the extra work surface the grid provides transforming. If you have lots of work surface already, the sink grid might not do enough for you to be worth the trouble of cleaning it. (I use the same shallowly-fill-the-sink method mentioned above, weekly and/or after a session that involves meat.)

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