ss finish on handle of otr mw peeling

joaniepoanieOctober 19, 2013

I have a GE OTR convection micro. I just noticed that the SS on the handle is peeling...presumably from the heat of burner below...even though we do very little cooking. It is a little over 18 months old. Anyone else have this problem?

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Not on my MW. But the 'SS' painted finish on what I can now see is a plastic handle on my Oster toaster oven is peeling off. Just went and checked cuz I bought a SS spray paint (brand new product from BM) to spray paint my new BR fan, and seeing this post made me think about the possibility of painting that handle. However, can't see any way of removing it...may try and mask off cover rest of toaster oven and spray paint it anyways, though in this case having a paint I could brush on would be much easier.

In my case, wouldn't be so much heat, as just wear and tear. Kind of annoying, cuz oven is perfectly fine, just looks like sh...t!

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