Will 2 different wall ovens look odd?

zackinOctober 9, 2012

I posted this question on the Appliances forum and received some very welcome advice, including the suggestion that I post here regarding the design question.

I plan to use two separate single wall ovens, one on an inconspicuous wall and the other in a peninsula's base cabinet. For the peninsula, I'm thinking of an Electrolux Icon or Wave Touch. Because of the price difference, the choice depends on how much I spend on the other oven.

I would appreciate help in deciding whether the wall oven on the other side of the room (to the left of the dishwasher shown in the drawing below) needs to be the same as the peninsula oven. Would it look strange to use either an LG single wall oven or a Frigidaire Gallery in the wall spot, when the Icon or Wave Touch is in the peninsula? The purpose for having different makes is strictly to save money. Otherwise, I would be happy with 2 Icons.

I was all set to use two different ovens, then an appliance salesman convinced me that I should buy two of the same, either the Elux or the less expensive one, since two different oven styles would look odd. Now I'm rethinking whether to get 1 Elux Icon and a basic Frigidaire. I'm not sure whether the appearance would be strange, even though they're pretty far apart.

Thanks again for the information and advice.

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So sorry for the double post.

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I hate to say it because I can tell it's not the answer you want to hear, but I think they should be the same. Otherwise it will look like you did a partial remodel, or replaced one broken oven after the fact. At least it will to people who notice that sort of thing, which admittedly is not everyone.

Is it a major show stopper to have them different? No of course not. But I would want them the same if I could possibly swing it.

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Thank you so much for your reply. Because I mistakenly posted this question twice, I also received a couple of responses in the other thread- there the consensus was that it won't matter since most people pick appliances based on function and price and therefore end up with different brands.

But, I definitely see Taggie's point and it's niggling at me, so I should pay attention to that. On the other hand, the wall oven will have a microwave on a shelf above it, so perhaps that disguises the difference enough. Oh dear, more to think about.


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I'm not real clear what is on that wall, but the look of a stack is important and they should at least go together. They don't have to match. I was about to say that one wall oven in an inconspicuous area and another undercounter would not bother me, but what you didn't mention is that they are right across from each other and the second wall oven is installed at nearly the same height, so visually there is more connection that it sounded like. I think you can do it, but this might not be the best setup for it. It might be okay, especially with related appliances, but I'm not that familiar with the current design details of the various brands you are looking at. You want some consistency in overall style -- handle styles, the framing of the doors, etc. and no major color variations (stainless finishes do not all match -- most will blend just fine).

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I wasn't clear enough about the locations. The oven in the peninsula is in a different part of the room from the wall stack. The wall stack is out of sight in the drawing, but it will be just to the left of the dishwasher and hutch on the left of the cabinet run.

There will be a microwave shelf above the wall oven, so it's not exactly a stack.

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It looks like yuo have a stack on the left there. What is going on there?

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Do you mean the wall that's perpendicular to the main cabinet run?

That will be the refrigerator and a desk area. So, the FD refrigerator will actually hide the view of the wall oven to a certain degree

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Yeah, opposite the under counter oven -- that looked like a micro/oven/something stack but I guess that is part of your desk?

If the other oven is on the other side of the DW, appearance is less of an issue, but have you considered how the workflow will function with them so split? It looks like you have the room for double ovens and double ovens are less than two single ovens, so why not get a double in the brand you really prefer? I'd focus on the appliances you need/want/can justify and the function you need to make working in your kitchen easier and then deal with the aesthetics.

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