granite help for a 10 ft long island. what do you have?

miffy13October 20, 2012

I am trying to decide if i should shrink my island or not. Ihave the space for a 10 ft island but i am worried about my granite options at that size. I went t o a yard and tend to like larger patterned granite for the kitchen and they said i could have a problem finding pieces that big. Its a little early in the proccess to have to pick my granite but we are having a ceilig detail over the island so i need to know exactly how big it will be. Does anyone have 10ft granite suggestions or pics of their large islands and the name of the granite?


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We had one that was 9' and it was definitely hard to find a piece. The person who came out to measure everything thought it was going to have to be 2 pieces when he saw it. I told him we were lucky enough to find a piece that we could do it with no seams.

You'll have to talk with your fabricator too, since a piece will shrink some do to finishing the trim etc. Good luck!

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We have a 13 foot island w/ blue bahia granite. We did 2 slabs, bookmatched. A more expensive option for sure since you have to get two granite slabs, but it looks amazing and the massive island provides a ton of space (great for parties!)


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Beagle, that bookmatching is amazing? For only 10t, we would have a lot of granite left.

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True, you'd have an extra three feet over what we had, so this may very well not be a solution for you! However, if you did want to bookmatch so you didn't have to shrink your island, you could always use the extra for perimeter counters, a fireplace surround, bathroom counters or even a kitchen table top, so it might be worth it if you have other projects going on...

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My Kashmir White slab was a little more than 10 ft. long. I was lucky to have found a piece that big. The entire piece was just over 10.5 X 6.5. That worked out nearly perfectly for me because the island was L-shaped, and the widest part of the "L" was going to be 6 feet.

My kitchen had a little bit of flexibility so and the seating was as the end, so if I hadn't found a large enough piece, I could have altered the seating area with minimal disruption. Maybe you can design the ceiling feature but wait to finalize it depending on the granite you find. If you want certainty, you could do a bookmatch.

My advice is to keep looking. You might get lucky. Visit as many places as you can, tell the sales associates that you want a large slab.

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Visit multiple stoneyards for the best selection. Keep in mind that while it can be difficult to find larger slabs, it is not impossible. Often, it becomes a weight thing--how are they going to lift the granite at your site to install it. With that being said, we have a 9' island so the granite is a little longer including overhang. We used River white which is a cousin to Kahmir white. It has more flow to it than the Kashmir so it may be right up your alley.

Hope this helps!

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My island is 129" so just over 10'. I started the hunt for a slab large enough in early June. Templating is scheduled for next Friday. I was prepared to go through templating and just use a piece of plywood until I found something I loved. But my fabricator is awesome. He ended up sending me a pic about 1.5 weeks ago of something he had found and thought I might like. My fabricator has worked hand in hand with me through my granite selections--sharing the good, the bad, and the pitfalls with me. He's never said no, but he's always warned me about stones that he knew I wouldn't be happy with in a few months. I ended up with Sea Pearl Quartzite. My recommendation--start early, let your fabricators and your local stone yards know what you're looking for, and don't settle.

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My island ended up being 118" long, so almost 10 feet. When I found my slabs, it was approx 120" long at one end and slightly less at the other end (it wasn't a perfect rectangle). The way my island is configured, one end is comprised of base cabinets while the other end has legs and space for seating. My fabricator's plan was to keep the island as long as possible during cutting... though we were both aware that depending on inherent stone qualities, the final piece may range anywhere from 117"-119" long. My contractor did not permanently install the legs of the island until day of counter installation. We got lucky and the island ended up being closer to 119" than 117"... I wanted it as long as possible.

As others have mentioned, the length of your island will depend on your stone slabs. I have seen a few that were longer than mine at the yard, as well as many that were smaller. Planning ahead with your fabricator helps too. I visited twice, when they were templating and during cutting.

Here's a photo of my super white quartzite:

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I have a 10' island being installed tomorrow! I wanted a matte black/gray counter and that was not much of a problem. I had no trouble finding honed absolute black, black pearl, cambrian black, impala, black galaxy etc. I was told that it would be easier to find slabs that size that were from India. I have to say that the black granites seemed to be some of the only slabs that size. I saw many beautiful white based slabs in 114" to 118", but not that 122" + needed for 120" of cabinets.
I would strongly suggest that you go to a few yards and look at slabs before you finalize your design. I was willing to give up a little bit of island if I had to in order to not have any seams. It sounds like you are pretty flexible about that as well. The rep at the stone yard should be able to tell you how big a slab you might find for a particular stone - better now than later.
Beagles counters are gorgeous, but I think the book matching works better with slab patterns that swirl and flow like hers - not sure exactly what you are looking for.

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We have a 12ft island and our granite slab is 10ft. The extra 2ft is butcher block.... which is being installed tomorrow! : )

10ft is tricky, but not impossible to find. We found slabs as long as 11ft, or you could do what we are doing and add a built in butcher block.

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My island is 122''. I wanted it 10 ft+ so when I looked at slabs I noted which ones would automatically not work and ruled them out right away. Luckily the granite I liked the most, Colonial Cream (sometimes Colonial Dream) came very large - some even 128'' long! I was adamant about not having a seam in the island.

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Thank you all so much for your responses. It looks like i will just have to put in the time and look and look and look. I do have the option to drop the last 18inches a bit where my prep sink is so i can put a different piece on that section if need be. I kind of like the butcher block idea too. Thanks everyone!

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