GE profile induction?

htraceyOctober 25, 2012

Anybody here tried this range? Gas is not an option for us, and I am sick of electric. I am interested in induction but I have no experience with it!

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I have a Bosch induction. So far I love it. Since the cooktop does not heat up, food does not get burned onto it. So much easier to keep clean. For kids it is so much safer since the element does not get hot enough to burn skin. It also won't heat your kitchen up in the summer. Mine will automatically shut down after a long period of time which is a particularly nice feature if you have forgetful folks in your home. It also has a power boost to speed up the heating of a pot.

I think most of the brands out there are good. Each has different features that you may or may not want/need. I got mine when it was 25% off at Sears.

The only cons that I know of are: you need ferromagnetic pans (a magnet needs to be able to stick to the bottom of your pan; your pans need to be flat bottomed - you can't use a wok; and if you have a power outage you are out of luck. For me the pros far outweigh the cons.

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I have the GE monogram induction and love it. Its easier to clean. I purchased the emeril pots and pans for induction and love them as well. Wait for a sale at Macy.

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I have the profile induction range. We LOVE it! It arrived right before Christmas and we have used it about 6 days a week since then, no problems. At the time, the GE and Electrolux were the two best models. Not sure if that's changed, but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it at all.

Is there something specific you want to know?

There is a ton of good stuff to read through about induction over in Appliances, and there is a lengthy thread about the GE and Electrolux slide in models that is great and also applicable to the corresponding range models.

We are the first people we know to use induction, so it was a little scary to just jump in, but it is great. Be sure to have a tea kettle with a little water to test the "burners" at delivery. The delivery guys kept insisting if I just turned them on they would get really hot. They had not seen an induction range before, but they were amazed when I had them touch the surface right next to the whistling kettle.

Any pan you have that a magnet will stick to will work if the bottom is flat. And if you want to you can cook with paper towels under your pans to contain messes. We have done that on occasion and it's fantastic.

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I have a Bosch Induction - used for less than a month - amazing unit - love it. Bought an 800 series at an outlet as a used unit, was still new in box unopened, for less than the 500 series. I am soooo glad we opted for induction over a propane unit!

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glad to hear everybody is happy with their range! Bertizzoni and AGA I think make an induction range but with prices starting at $7500 they are way out of my price range. I think I am going to see if I can find the GE profile on a black friday sale! I like the look of the electrolux better, but it seems the GE has better reviews..

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Me too! I read several reports of trim coming loose and interfering with adjacent drawers. Saw it on the floor model too. Beautiful though!

But I am happy with choosing the GE. Don't forget to check their online store. And if you know anyone that works for GE the friends and family store has good prices plus sales, and any rebates still apply.

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williamsem - what model do you have? Is the oven convection?

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As far as I know they only have one GE Profile induction freestanding range. Mine is model PHB925SPSS.

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I don't have the range, but I do have the 36" GE profile induction cooktop. I LOVE it! This is my first induction appliance, and I am so happy with my choice. It is a breeze to clean, it doesn't heat up the kitchen like traditional stoves, and it cools down super quick after cooking. The only cons - not all of my former cookware worked and it does sometimes make a very slight humming sound, especially when multiple burners are being used. I was prepared for these cons though and I have never regretted my choice.

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Glad to see all these positive comments. I ordered the GE induction slide in a few days ago--can't wait to use it. My kitchen demolition was supposed to start today...we live in the Baltimore 'burbs and are in the midst of Sandy, so now we are delayed.

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I've been using my GE Profile Slide-In Range, PHS925STSS, for a month now and love it! After reading many reviews about cookware, including recommendations from Cook's Illustrated, I purchased the Tramontina 10-Piece 18/10 Stainless Steel TriPly-Clad Cookware Set from Walmart. The set is definitely a value purchase.
My one issue I had was with the oven. I came to the realization that although the temperature indicator said the set temp was "reached," you need to wait a bit longer for the oven to adequately preheat. I went through the process of adjusting the temperature per the User's Manual only to (eventually) realize that all I needed was a bit more patience.
Love the warming drawer, too.
Yes, this range costs more, but for an appliance that is used daily, it seems well worth the extra money.
Good luck!

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I have an Electrolux induction range and love it love it!!
well HAD (we are starting a remodel due to a major water leak) I will be replacing it with the exact same oven. I know people who got a whole kitchen full of appliances for what I paid for the range but it is sooooo worth it. Gas not an option here and I was sick to death of cleaning around coils. I started looking a smooth-top ranges and then found out about induction and never looked back! It cleans up super easy- nothing ever sticks. The settings are such small increments and you can set it low enough to melt chocolate without burning.

I also love the oven part of the E-lux range. the bottom drawer is actually an oven too, tho it doesn't broil. I think it only goes to 400* but that's ok. Love the easy glide racks. has a bread proofing setting and lots of others.

I did have to purchase new cookware. I got Emeril's stainless which is made by All-clad for less than $300. I was thrilled to find out the few things that my mother had left me worked as well.

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I have the Wolf - got it for a great price about a year ago - but installed in the spring.
I was so sure induction was the greatest thing on earth - well, I am learning to like it.

This weekend, I think I made friends with it - I cooked beef stew in a giant saute pan. It was a one pan meal - saut�ed the beef, onions, added the carrots, parsnips, Bells best brown ale, etc. Brought it to a boil and then set it on simmer for the rest of the day - I put a temp probe into the pan and watched it cook all day - I have to say - it was the best stew ever! I had my crock pot out - all ready to use and said - NO - I want to test the induction.

I had some All Clad, bought one Staub to practice on my portable burner, added the giant saut� pan and pasta pot. Then found a sale on CIA for a small set with all of my missing pieces.

I don't know about the GE - but there is a bit of a buzz on the Wolf - it is worse when first turned on. Staub is the quietest and the more layers in the pan - the louder the buzz.

It is easy to clean - it has a Schot Ceran top - most are either Schot Ceran or Corning - but I don't know which is better.

Would I do it again - yes and they are only going to get better.

PS - watch out for parties - my first gathering and someone thought it was a giant cutting board... Duh! So now, I have some silicon mats to put on the stove when not using at a party.

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